Social Lubrication Explorations

By corvardus · Jun 15, 2011 · ·
  1. corvardus

    On various visits on DF I have been hearing a few favourable things about certain substances that would have a positive effect on alleviating social anxiety which has become more pronounced as the years go on with the addition of paranoia in any social event I might go to.

    So I thought I might document it, for my own purposes, and perhaps get some comments on what I'm trying.

    I've passed up some (most likely) enjoyable experiences like going to a festival due to this irrational fear which would only get stronger as time went on.

    Irrational fears, like phobias, seem stupid, seem pathetic, seem easily overcome yet even with those thoughts in mind the anxiety is a pernicious mistress and overrides the rational part of the brain like a dominatrix ripping out your heart with a whip and then eating it.


    There are a wide selection of substances to start but in this instance I am starting with Phenibut as a "nootropic" before moving on to any of the stronger materials.

    Got a 50g tub of the powered Phenibut along with other Nootropics (Neurostim [Airacetam, DMAE, Vinonature]) and Alpha-GPC from a thread of mine about some musings my friend had about the subject.

    First Experience

    Urgh, is the first word that comes to mind when taking it for the first time. I'm a scientist, god damn it, and this was not my finest hour. Can't even record correctly and 3/4 of a teaspoon is hardly satisfying when measuring!Has finally triggered me in purchasing gel caps, weighing scales and fillers to deal with the problem of taste in the future.

    The taste itself is disgusting, different but on the kin of consuming Kratom in a "toss and wash" method. Phenibut is eminently dissolvable in water but it tastes like shit.

    Note: This was not taken with any other substances to interact with the experiment.

    Well on the grand scheme of things it took 1 and a half hours to draw feelings which might be classed as "off placebo" and it seemed about right for onset.

    From a quick self-assessment I felt that my self-analytical behaviours were suppressed a bit. Granted I wouldn't be stripping naked and running through Leicester Square any time soon but it was a start. Since it was a first time consuming this it was decided to be on ones own.

    Very minor intoxication like having a beer but there was no apparent cognitive suppression, which was a good sign. That is about as much detail as necessary since anything else was too subtle to record or be outside the jurisdiction of placebo.

    Phenibut itself has been touted as a sleep aid, but from the effects had to me it was a conscious decision to sleep rather than a forced sleep. Slept a good 8 hours.

    Morning was a bitch, it is exceedingly rare for me to stay in bed and be unable to get out of it but today it did.

    It was a full blown hangover both with dizzy spells, slurring and nausea. Managed to drag myself into work and that effect lasted until well after lunch.

    Whilst good as a first experiment if that sort of hang-over continues with a lower dose then it would not be fit for purpose.

    Social interactions, whilst tolerable with people I know was enjoyable with me being far more talkative, which is out-of-character but not unheard of.

    Uncertain if this was an afterglow effect of the Phenibut but it is something I can't rule out at this specific point in time.

    Day two after consumption and behaviour appears back to baseline.

    To Try:

    1) Obtain some gel caps and take a dose through that. (avoiding the hideous taste)

    2) Try known quantities for a 3-4 day tolerance break after first consumption to prevent significant tolerance so quickly.

    3) Going to accurately weigh out a range of concentrations to take with my morning vitamin supplements starting low and moving up. It is hoped the "hangover" effects were an artifact of dosing too high to begin with.

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  1. onzero
    phenibut is a funny chemical.

    it relaxes you but in a unique way...
  2. gooshimin
    I really appreciate this Thread so thank you. I never knew about these Nootropics. I am already placing an order. Also I am doing lots of reading up on other Threads and Posts on the topic. If you have any thing you recommend for a newbie to the field, I really would heed the information.

    I was gonna order maybe GABA and for sure Phenibut. What do you think of Saint John's Wart?

    I am glad you are here at Drug Forum.
  3. NeuroChi
    If the effects lasted that long [into] the next day then I presume the dose was too high. If taken at a lower dose the morning becomes easier to wake up and energy is plentiful, least in someone's experience. I've assumed this to be some form of 'rebound' much like the rebound anxiety evoked by GABAA agonists - though it is pleasant, stimulating, energizing.

    On that topic, he must have had trouble falling asleep the following night. Or worded more appropriately, did he have trouble falling asleep the following night?
  4. Humanity
    I hope this will be big!
    With the amount of people coming on this board who actually seek guidance for psychological ailments (not that I agree that DF be the best place to turn to with those...), this blog could be, in time, a great resource.

    How are you planning on testing the actual "social" part? Gonna have to plan a lot of mixers ;)

    Good luck!
  5. Exitlude
    I love the term "social lubrication" and this information is just fantastic. It's presented to make it really easy for others to use your experience in their decision making process, - I really like this, well done.

    I've read a lot of your posts and can easily relate to a lot of the things you say, and I felt like that introduction could apply directly to me. I'm going to try Phenibut :laugh:
  6. V3TR
    As a plant guy I believe St. Johns wart and yarrow may work together to help with your paranoia and social anxiety. St. Johns wart is a good mood enhancer and sedative but unlike the medicine you tested it doesn't have that intoxication/hangover effect. Yarrow is another sedative but is also very synergetic. A combination should do wonders for your condition. Another key factor to yarrow is it's ability to get rid of the paranoia that comes from cannabis use.
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