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  1. dyingtomorrow
    The Z have a strange government. They have an oversight committee on oversight committee on, etc., with the last overseer looping back and having authority over the first. Thus, everyone is in the government. Everyone has authority over everyone. How is that authority enforced? Does it naturally break down into a fundamentally anarchistic indo-democratic process? Is there then no government? would government then be a layer on top of this system of individual and personal inclination? A psychedelic order of magnitude greater? An instantaneous weaving of the laws of physics, working their way into laws that govern greater systems.


    I'm tormented by a continuous stream of such thoughts when I smoke at night. I always let them float away, and try not to remember them, but I thought I'd catch some tonight for once.


    As I load another bowl with the first wearing off and reread the first captured text, gigantic leaps in thought processes are obvious. Places where I silently worked out another couple chains of thought before the next written sentence. Maybe that's what being stoned is, a kind of rhythmic tattoo of where consciousness streams together from a chaos of thought. Wait, maybe that's just regular consciousness too.


    Much of my general malaise comes from the fact that this kind of continually churning thought processing is constantly, dimly echoing within earshot in the back of my head. The difference being the topics are more pertinent and seemingly logical and less abstract than when stoned. I'd estimate that the first thought is approximately 2 units of standard cycling, which would be equivalent to 2 seconds. I think this constant processing and relationship building kind of thought is always going on in every person, but for some reason I can hear it loud enough that it is somehow exhausting and distressing to a distant, tenuous part of myself.

    Another way to put it would be: I feel like there is a part of me, trapped in myself. And as I consider that again, the thought seems very unusual in that it kind of seems tangibly dangerous in some form - as a pathway to insanity, that could realistically exist in somebody's world out there.


    I wonder if, by the unique nature of everyone's individual consciousness, every person has some kind of special thought, further on the outrim of chaos and nonsense than the rest of human kind, which is some kind of cosmic-mathematical reflection of their unique individuality. Something of which only they can conceive, but still exists close enough to the median of all other consciousnesses, that they could all comprehend. And if this person can uncover that special idea from within their mind, and share it with mankind, it would blow all of their minds and open up an entirely new world for them.

    What if, though, these seductively brilliant types of thoughts were further on the outskirts of comprehension for some, but not others? Or just the individual effects on magnetism between consciousnesses, for the full spectrum of this person's thoughts? For every different thought this person could conceive of, there would be a different "fanbase" of people whose minds were blown, or who were otherwise attracted to this mind to varying degrees. In this universal social network of consciousnesses, these relationships would work themselves out into general patterns of friendship and bonding.

    Static snaps to a low quality color television from 1993, tuned to a peculiar species of "pop nature documentary" endemic to the time, entitled Africa's Top Cutest Meerkats. "... general patterns of friendship and bonding ..." says a very pleasant sounding and enthusiastic woman's voice. And then there was a bright white light.

    "It started from a passage on a proto-autolex, known as a 'blog', on the primitive nooterranet, by a stoned 29 year old junkie from 1000 years ago, and led to the revolutionary science," says God, patiently answering the typical barrage of questions from a newly arrived soul.

    "Wow no shit?" says the soul with a laugh.

    "Yes, you can arrange to meet him if you like," said God.

    "No, no... that's alright... " said the soul. There was a sensation in the air, of two people running out of things to say to each other. "So, hey thanks man, drives ya crazy when you just get those little questions stuck in your head, that you knew in like elementary school, ya know?"

    "Yes." said God.

    "Cool, yeah," the soul said with its attention and vocalization drifting, "so ... it's really good to have you around for stuff like that."

    After a long pause, on the borderline of uncomfortable, the soul cleared his throat.

    "Well, so yeah, that's about all my questions..." The soul clicked twice with its mouth.

    "Okay, so ... now what do I get?"

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