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  1. psyvision2000
    [​IMG] Soma facing a Dutch court 8/29/05

    For those of you who don't know, our friend Soma will be facing a Dutch court Monday morning, August 29, for charges of cultivation and possession of sacred plants, including cannabis and dried mushrooms. All of you who can, please join us in private meditation, partaking of the herb, or whatever your faith calls you to do to send postive light and energy to Soma in his time of need. This man has dedicated his life to creating the best cannabis and teaching us how to grow it ourselves. Let us come together for him on Monday (10:40am Amsterdam time, 4:40am EST, 1:40am PST) and focus our thoughts and energy toward his vindication from these irrational charges.

    Cannabis is legal. Prohibition is the crime.


    Get more information about the charges or post your support in his forum at www.somaseeds.nl


  1. Muirner
    well it's 4:30 east. and i'd like to send my good wishes to Soma. I'll say a prayer for him before bed.

  2. Alfa
    You posted this a day after the court session. Anyone know how it went?
  3. psyvision2000
    no news yet from soma's website.....
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