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Somalia: Al-Shabab bans khat, tobacco chewing in Gedo region

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Somalia: Al-Shabab bans tobacco chewing in Gedo region

    Al-Shabab an armed rival Islamist which controls most of the regions in south and central Somalia in has on Saturday issued a decree to ban chewing of tobacco in Gedo region northwest of the Somali capital Mogadishu.

    In the decree it is not stated what will be the punishment to those tobacco chewers who go against this verdict.

    Gedo region is one of the leading regions in Somalia where the majority of the inhabitants are addict to tobacco chewing.

    A typical decree was previously imposed by the Islamic Courts Union which was once in control of most of the regions in south and central Somalia.

    Al-Shabab has likewise banned Khat a narcotic plant grown in Kenya which daily comes to almost the entire towns in Somalia to be munched with the towns, but on the suburbs of the towns.

    Somaliweyn – Mohammed Omar Hussein
    Mogadishu Saturday 3 April 2010 SMC



  1. Sumeru
    It's a shame how religion can give individuals a sense of divine mandate, as if they have the right to restrict the rights of others.
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