Some Bad News for Obama fans.

By powerrobbie · Mar 27, 2009 · ·
  1. powerrobbie
    Swim was just watching the news, Obama was answering various questions that people online had wrote. He claimed the question "Do you think legalizing Cannabis will help improve the economy?" was one of the most popular, but he stated the he does not think it will be a good idea and even laughed that this was one of the most popular questions...looks like we still got some waiting to do:thumbsdown:

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  1. Greenport
  2. kb13
    You must be talking about -

    What a bunch of suckers!

    Word of advice;
    Figure out what you can do for yourself, before you go asking what your government can do for you.
  3. Greenport
    Well, I (and millions of other Americans) completely disagree with Obama, and truly it doesn't matter what he thinks anyways because he can't pass any bills himself, only Congress can do that. If a marijuana bill passes in the house and senate, then Obama vetoes it, it gets sent back to congress and if 'that' passes with a 2/3's margin, the bill gets passed anyways.

    kb13 good quote, maybe good enough to steal and put in my sig :). The fact is that the people can write their congresspeople and tell them how they feel, and the people in congress are supposed to vote and make laws based on what the people are asking for. Thus ultimately it's up to us if we want to legalize/decriminalize/whatever cannabis and it is becoming apparent by the number of states which are decriminalizing and adding medical marijuana laws that indeed people are calling/writing their local congress people, so it's definitely taking place.

    So let him laugh, but fight back yourself, because while he laughs sending the military to the Mexican border to stop the flow of marijuana and other drugs into this country, us Americans will be the ones who have the final say - and so far it seems as if the Americans believe that the war on drugs is a big fat lie.
  4. Frond
    The problem isn't what Obama thinks now, it's what he promised during his campaign. There were, AFAIK, direct quotes from speeches given to college audiences where Obama directly stated that he supported the legalization of marijuana and opposed the war on drugs. So, the fact that he how reverses his position and opposes the federal decriminalization of marijuana means that he's been caught in an outright lie. He's been caught red-handed and all his self-righteous blather about change was just empty campaign promises... i.e., no different from any other candidate.

    So, yeah... hope-nosis FTL.

    He no longer has my support.
  5. Ilsa
    i saw two full pages of promises he made on the campaign trail that he has now FULLY retracted. this is just one of many. he is a figurehead, and that's it. what he thinks or believes doesn't mean shit as far as legislation is concerned. i think we all saw this coming, particularly when he "stopped" the raids, but wouldn't move to change fed law. this is just shit rolling on down the hill.
  6. cra$h
    well, another empty promise. Like I said months ago, told ya. He's just a media toy, and this presidancy is going to be a lot different than anyone would have thought.
  7. Lady Codone
    Another case of a candidate saying what he needed to say to get into office and then going along with what the power structure already has in place.

    Obama could be the most honest, well-intentioned person in the world, but the people who funded his campaign, gave him fame on their TV/radio networks, and made him who he is today aren't going to let any one person--president or otherwise--fuck up the system they have in place. That goes for legalizing marijuana, ending the war, and anything else where profit is a factor.

    It's best to keep pushing for what we know is right without getting complacent or allowing ourselves to get our hopes up too high. The only way cannabis will be legalized in our lifetimes is by getting levelheaded advocates in there to deal with the issue at the source (Washington), spreading the truth through well-conducted scientific studies, and making it so hard for them to tell even one more lie about marijuana that they have no other choice...but it's still a long way off imo.
  8. xctico
    When war in mejico turns REAL bad. . .
    US might need a white flag. . .
    Just like 1934. . .
    When $ runs out, so does prohibition. . .
    And then the next war . . .
    & 1984?
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