Some licks about hard kicks

By Mr Bumble · Dec 4, 2013 · ·
  1. Mr Bumble
    These lyrics are probably wack, never been a talent of mine, but was listening to some drum loops and thinking bout my life, wrote this shit, donno if the slang will make sense unless your in the UK, but you can probably work it out

    Whose this man in the mirror that I see

    I’m fucked if I know but he looks just like me

    6 foot 1 with a clean shaved head

    A thousand yard stare that will fill ya full of dread

    Take a little look, just not in his eye

    Eyeball him wrong and you’ll soon find out why

    So take another look, deep in his soul

    You’ll see a brock man whose lost all control

    A crisis, a crisis, a crisis of identity

    Rack my fucking brains but I don’t know whose the real me

    A family man laying the table to eat

    Or a strapped up gangster shotting crack on the street

    Shit last time brother that landed me in jail

    3 years 9 months is no joke for real

    I see fucking shit that you wouldn’t believe

    Mans getting shanked over minor things

    I thought to myself time to take a hard look

    And when i get out I’m gonna do it by the book

    Take any job and earn my paper legal

    Cut all my ties with my crews and peoples

    But then I see mans, rollin up notes

    Stick it up there nose then snort up the coke

    Now being a hustler and gangster at heart

    I couldn’t let an earner like that slip past

    So I call up my man and buy a brick

    Now I’m back on the streets shotting powdered shit

    But these fucking cats are a different breed

    Classy mother fuckers with college degrees

    And whats even better is there wallets full of P’s

    And whats even better is their givin it to me

    Now I’m rollin in cash and on spending sprees

    First class to Thailand aint nothing to me

    But I fell off point and before I know it

    I’m snorting up all that shit like there's nothing to it

    Rollin down the street feeling like a king

    A nose full of coke and a fist full of rings

    But what goes up, must come down

    I’m to fucking high about to crash land

    I need something quick, to soften the blow

    And when it comes to pain there’s only one way to go

    Look to the east where the opium grown

    It starts with a tastes, just a little tickle

    But before you know it it’s the spoon and the needle

    Before you know it it’s the spoon and the needle

    Before you know it it’s the spoon and the needle

    Before you know it it’s the spoon and the needle

    Head down with a needle in my arm

    Head down all your money gone

    Head down with a needle in my arm

    Head down with a needle in my arm

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  1. Morphina Blue
    I know you said lyrics aren't a talent of yours, but I think this is great. I would like to read more from you, I hope you post again soon.
  2. Kitts
    Wow Bumble this is awesome. I only read your short story before, I didn't know you wrote this stuff too. Really good mate.
  3. Mr Bumble
    haha, thanks but my poetry it's really bad!! I'm quite please with the start of my story though, it's no longer a short story and has turned into a full on saga!! Got the first chapter written now but won't post until I've edited it, my spelling and sentance structure is sooooo bad, it takes me a long time to edit.
  4. Thirst4knowledge
    Other people can check spelling and grammar Mr.B but not everyone has talent and originality.

    Looking forward to reading more
  5. derpahderp
    good flow and structure sir. Don't cut yourself short my friend- peace
  6. Dawn Godess
    WOW!!! Love it!! There's some wicked 'Beat's'' on youtube this would be really great with, love ma' rap too. Proper Gansta' to Gutter rap is that :thumbsup:
  7. SoozyQ
    Fucking awesome:D

    Really honest. Loved the way it slowed at the end with the repetition. The opiate effect on the page.
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