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Some say ecstasy may be to blame for psychotic behaivor.

  1. jon-q
    TAMPA - A Port St. Lucie teenager accused of hammering his parents to death may have been high on the drug "ecstacy."

    17-year-old Tyler Hadley is accused of killing his parents with a hammer last weekend, and then hosting a party at his house with his parents' dead bodies inside.

    Now, one of Hadley's best friends says he admitted to taking three ecstasy pills around the time of the murders.

    Ecstasy is a drug typically used at raves or concerts. In Florida, men are more likely to use it, and in exposure cases reported to Florida's poison control in the last three years, the oldest was 67 and the youngest was just 3 months.

    Ecstasy is a drug of choice for young people, even though they are most at risk for its dangers, because they have underdeveloped frontal lobes.

    "That is the part of the brain that gives us judgment," said University Community Hospital neurologist Dr. Nancy Rodgers-Neame. "Really keeps us from behaving in a knee-jerk kind of manner."

    Dr. Rodgers-Neame says those lobes are not fully developed until someone's late 20s. That's why teenagers tend to act more impulsively.

    Add a drug like ecstasy, and the combination is a dangerous one.

    "It causes the release of neurotransmitters that are already present in the brain," Dr. Rodgers-Neame said.

    Neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, released in large amounts, causes hyperactivity at minimum. At worst, it leads to hallucinations and behavior that follows.

    "It can cause psychotic behaviors. It's not a safe drug," said Florida Poison

    Information Director Dr. Cynthia Lewis-Younger. "I do believe that people may do things they would not do off of the drug, while they are on the drug, yes."

    Still, both doctors believe someone would likely have to be predisposed to some kind of psychotic behavior in order for ecstasy to bring it out. In the case of Tyler Hadley, they say ecstasy can't be entirely to blame, but the situation may be unexplainable without it.

    "Ecstasy will not turn your normal teenager into Mr. Hyde," Dr. Rodgers-Neame said.

    Alison Morrow
    ABC News 23rd July 2011


  1. Wanderer
    Sorry, but Mr. Hamster's bullshit meter has become pegged at one of it's highest levels over this. The journalism, speculation, "expert" opinion is all some of the worst he's seen.

    Was that before or after the murders? The friend admitted taking three "ecstasy" pills, did the purp? Also, are they sure the pills are truly MDMA/Ecstasy? Were they tested? Were they some sort of RC sold as ecstasy?

    Ok, so blame it on bad judgment due to underdeveloped frontal lobes.

    So, if one had a lobotomy, they would tend to act impulsively? Don't think so. Lobotomies and Ecstasy could prove to be a dangerous combination and should probably be avoided.

    Scary medical language... neurtransmitters, dopamine, serotonin and heavens "hallucinations."

    True MDMA/Ecstasy is classified as a psychedelic amphetamine, but let's scare everyone by using the word hallucinations. Also, the pharmacology of MDMA/Ecstasy is way more complicated than dopamine and serotonin.

    The hamster would like to see some reference to psychotic behavior due to ecstasy use and will perhaps look around a bit for some evidence, however all research that he knows of points to the contrary.

    Do people do things they would not ordinarily do using MDMA/Ecstasy? Yes, it's a fact. Mostly they tend to lower their emotional defenses, tend to bond to others around them and might even say or do things they might regret later due to their induced state of bliss.

    Ummm, why might it be unexplainable without ecstasy? Anything might trigger a psychotic episode. Gotta admit the kid was a bit off to host a house party with his dead parents hidden in the closet...

    First rational statement made in the article.

    Would like to find out more of the details behind this, but as it stands, it's just an article which can be attributed to bad journalism, fear-mongering, and well, just plain sloppy.

    Be well...
  2. C.D.rose
    One mustn't forget that the news site actually had to put the medical experts' opinions in laymen's terms, so some information might have been lost along that way.

    It's a good question of course whether this was really ecstasy or something else, but in general I don't have any difficulty imagining that in a predisposed individual certain substances, possibly also MDMA, can cause behavior like that. Maybe he had an undiagnosed bipolar disorder? Something along that line maybe? I mean clearly something must have gone on in that guy, I was really shocked when I read that story on CNN (without any mention of drugs).
  3. jon-q

    Witness: Tyler Hadley, who is accused of killing his parents, on ecstasy drug

    PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla - Tyler Hadley, 17, remains on suicide watch at the St. Lucie County Jail. He is accused of murdering his parents, Mary Jo and Blake Hadley, with a hammer last weekend.

    A key witness in the case said that Tyler Hadley was high on the drug commonly known as ecstasy at the time of the killing and the hours that followed. The self-described 'best friend' of Hadley said Tyler had taken three 'E' tablets Saturday evening. Police will not comment on the possible state of mind of Hadley.

    "I really don't see any motives besides drugs," said Mike Mandell, who spoke exclusively with NewsChannel 5.

    Mandell, who identifies as Tyler Hadley's best friend, said he will never forget what he saw inside Hadley's home Saturday evening. Mandell said he witnessed Tyler's father deceased and that Tyler had admitted that he got high and then beat Mary Jo and Blake Hadley to death with a hammer. "He was on ecstasy," said Mandell.

    A local medical experts said that is enough 'E' to make someone feel like they are 'losing their mind'. "They initially ascend this stairway to heaven and then descending into hell," said Dr. Scott McFarland, who directs the emergency room at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center and at other area facilities.

    Dr. McFarland said that three tablets of 'E' would substantially elevate the levels of serotonin in the brain. "They can be agitated, confused, sweating, can have a fever. They can have seizures," said McFarland. "They have dilated pupils.

    They are constantly in motion because it gives you the sense you have to move," he added.

    St. Lucie Police Department detectives noted Hadley's demeanor in their affidavit. "Tyler appeared nervous, frantic, and very talkative while speaking to the officers. He also appeared to have a blank stare, and his pupils were very large," wrote Det. Kristin Meyer. "The defendant told MM [Mike Mandell] that he was intending to kill himself by taking 10 percocet pills when law enforcement officers eventually came to his residence," Meyer added.

    Dr. McFarland said that taking ecstasy can cause severe hallucinations and can often creates a lack of inhibition in people. McFarland said that can lead to potentially dangerous decisions. "You have no control over your sensorium and you are a danger to yourself and others," he said.

    Investigators will not confirm if Tyler Hadley was subjected to a drug test after being taken into custody on Sunday. "We don't want to release too much information too fast, because we don't want to taint the investigation. And a lot of information that we do obtain, we don't share it. We only share it with the prosecution and that way it just builds our case," said Tom Nichols, spokesperson for the Port. St. Lucie Police Department.

    According to Tom Nichols, the autopsy for Blake Hadley will be completed by Thursday night.

    A funeral service for Mary Jo and Blake Hadley is planned for Saturday at 11 a.m. at St. Lucie Catholic Church, which is just a few miles from their home.

    Dan Corcoran
    5 News Channel 21st July 2011
  4. Terrapinzflyer

    First off- they first (properly) put "ecstasy" in quotes but then go on to discuss it as if it is MDMA. As many here know, "ecstasy" is nothing but a slang term and "ecstasy pills" may or may not contain any MDMA, and as often as not contain amphetamine, methamphetamine, bzp, tfmpp or other substances either with or instead of MDMA (and there has been a recent rash of widespread distribition of pills containing 5-meo-dipt being sold as "ecstasy" in the US)

    Secondly it should be pointed out that while timeframe is not pointed out, three pills could be an extremely high dose for any of these chemicals.

    Horrible reporting that highlights the general ignorance about drugs even in segments of society that are assumed by many to be well informed...
  5. RASK757
    I live not to far from where this happened, and in all honesty the lies about ecstasy they have been airing is complete nonsense and scare tactics aimed at who ever will believe them. Also majority of the beans floating around this area are TFMPP/BZP combos or another adultarent. It's crazy, all these kids claim to be rolling and more than half wouldn't know pure MDMA if it ran it's way up their noses.
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