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By Shiacmkmleer · Mar 11, 2007 · ·
  1. Shiacmkmleer
    Marijuana growing in dorm

    Mary Jo Denton
    Herald-Citizen Staff

    COOKEVILLE -- Marijuana was being grown -- and sometimes smoked -- in a dormitory at Tennessee Tech, and five students got arrested for it last week, police said. It took place on the fifth floor of Marshall Hall, a floor that has been closed off and unused for some time by order of the State Fire Marshal, TTU officials said.

    On Feb. 21, TTU Police Officers Charles Davis and Sgt. Buck Fowler received information alleging that students were "on the fifth floor which was closed due to a fire hazard," according to warrants on file in the case.
    The officers went to investigate and say they walked past a room on that floor which had "a heavy odor of burnt marijuana" and where smoke was visible, the warrants say.
    The officers peeped in and saw a young man "in the bathroom standing on a cinder block reaching for marijuana plants."
    There were 10 plants, six of them in water bottles and four in cups containing soil, the officers allege.
    After further investigation, the officers took warrants against five students.
    Arrested in the case and charged with criminal trespassing, possession of marijuana, and manufacture of a controlled substance were the following:
    * Steven Hale Apa, 18, of McEwen, Tenn.
    * Travis John Bonar, 19, of Oak Ridge, Tenn.
    * Lars Winston Patrick, 20, of Oak Ridge, Tenn.
    * John E. Chapman, 22, of Gray, Tenn.
    * William R. Hedderick, 19, of Newton, New Jersey.
    Steven Hale Apa was also charged with evading arrest, according to court records.
    The five were booked into the Putnam County jail and were released after posting $5,000 bond. They go to court on March 12.
    At TTU, they also face disciplinary action, officials said.
    The fifth floor of Marshall Hall was closed a couple of years ago because state fire inspectors said it does not have sufficient means of exit in case of fire, but the other four floors are considered safe and are occupied, TTU spokesperson Monica Greppen said.

    wtf growing weed in a dorm?!

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  1. Nagognog2
    Fire! Oh no! That could burn down the heroin lab Chief Holdnutz has!


    Oh my! We should help those children! Lets send them a medal!

    I was just talking to a 73 year old man in Tennessee who lives right around there. He has to go to the V.A. Hospital for treatment. The VA doctor tells him he's gonna die from the pain he has. And it's against policy to prescribe him more painkillers. He asked if he could try some marijuana. The doc. said if he did - he'd have to turn him in and have him arrested. Now he has to go to the VA every week to be piss-tested. Or be arrested. He can't drive a car.

    God Bless America!
  2. darkglobe

    Unfortunately that can be stolen and applied to many of the western hemisphere's "civilised" (BUAHAHAHAHA!) countries.

    So.... *steals*....

    GOD BLESS GREAT BRITAIN! And thanks, New Labour! (Don't go grinning at moi, Mr. Blair! I'm still pissed at you for your atrocities against fungi!)
  3. Sitbcknchill

    Seems as though the old man should have kept his trapt shut and just smoked the shit at will. Not sure where a seventy some year ol man would find some good reefer but I'm sure someone would sell it to him. It is a damn shame though that the government has to be like this. Especially to those in need. It's always different when the shoe is on the other foot.
  4. Shiacmkmleer
    Idk I think it is harder for old people then you'd think. Swiis's dad is 60 and has problems getting Weed. You think old people not wanting to be in pain would be justification for legalization... I guess not.
  5. snapper
    SWIM thinks these doctors should have to experience a few months of untreatable pain. People sure can be sanctimonious when they have never experienced any adversity in their lives. VA doctors are the worst of the worst -callous sons of bitches !
  6. Humanity
    And then... what if people all got together and started lovin' ?

    Funny how easily one can change a thread to the topic of his/her will :) Good going, Nag :crazy

    Must say, that growing weed in a dormroom really is lame-ass dumb... for retarded people like these anyway :p
  7. darkglobe
    :eek:fftopic: Ask him yourself, but Nag probably wasn't trying to digress too far from the topic...

    SWIM's learnt it's not good!

    Anyhoo.... SWIM googled it and found a large number of cases where students in British universities have been arrested for growing cannabis in dormrooms. In fact, SWIM considered it himself until he realised he was too stupid to get into uni.

  8. Nagognog2
    This situation could be alleviated if the school let the students grow grass on the main quad. But that would require they allow them doity, commie radicals graduate Law School and squash the idiots.

    And I don't percieve this thread has gone OFF topic. I percieve it has gone TO it's logical (or one of the possibilities) conclusion. Woof!

    <I mean, where else could this thread go? 16 pages of how stupid they were to try to grow pot in a vacant dorm?>
  9. darkglobe
    16 pages of Student fuck-ups would be more entertaining, but there ya go.

    "Once upon a time (I'm afraid it has to stay at that, as I'm not sure which part of time it was upon) I smoked 69,732.5 joints, and...."

    On second thoughts, maybe not! :D
  10. Pinkavvy
    Some of the best weed swip ever smoked was being grown inside the walls between some dorm rooms. It's a shame that these kids were dumb and decided to draw attention by going to off-limits areas of the building. Swip wonders how many botanists in that building frantically flushed their plants when they saw these seemingly small 5 plants being hauled out. poor kids.

    Something to keep in mind is sometimes the best hiding place is right out in the open. Traffic to areas that are off limits or unusual, will usually attract unwanted attention.
  11. Nagognog2
    At the school I went to/taught at - the nasty little monsters grew a big pot-plant. In the new directors office. He had no clue, but did wonder why people kept coming in to prune it every day. He was so dumb...well....until finally some parents of a new student came to chat with him and pointed out what it was.

    The students were promptly warned - to come get it out of his office or he'd get rid of it. It went to the geodesic-dome greenhouse. That was in the 1970's. Before insanity took over the land (Reagan).
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