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By Beyondcold · Mar 24, 2016 · ·
  1. Beyondcold
    My very first blog, ever. Born of human nature and human heart this thing I am creating is not what I had planned. It is not neat and organized. It lacks logic and reason. I did not build this, it simply grew from a crack in the foundation my father poured. It is organic and etherial. It is solid enough to stop a bullet yet so delicate that the simple act of looking at it could unmake it completely. It is entirely personal but potentially universal. - There are more words I could write here but I fear my tendency to forget the most important things.
    So here it is. Fairy tale dilusions, romantic fiction, or facts immeasurable by and invisible to the foolishness of man - abandon all conclusions and listen with that non existing organ.
    Last night my child defeated death. Not his or yours, but mine. The death i have been carrying since i addopted those words so long ago. So long ago i can no longer hear their Voice. My voice is the only one I hear now. "I am wrong" "I am broken. Irepairably broken". I carried them so long the letters and sounds they made faded from memory while their meanings became my truths.

    Do I continue writing this story ? I Will bare my soul and let you see all my dark and light but not just for the hell of it. Deaths defeat has so much left - no violence though, not even a toy sword for my 7 year old champion.

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  1. TFrankle
    Man you can write.
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