Sometimes I wonder about myself.

By RaverHippie · Jul 20, 2009 · ·
  1. RaverHippie
    Waking up I was broke, scanning the fridge I had leftover polenta. The only thing I could find to flavor it was thyme. It was dried out but still great so I used it. Anyways breakfast was delicious but then I wondered what was in thyme. So thyme contains Thymol, which is GABAergic and relaxes the trachea. Sounds like an excellent thing to attempt to smoke right?

    So I rang up my raver friend and told him about the plan and he was stoked as usual for anything. He sent me this back.

    "The smoke is extremely easy to inhale, feels almost like air and the throat is relaxed and not irritated at all. Calming effects are instant. Respiratory depression effects are noticeable (heart rate and breathing rate were measurably). Coordination is off like being drunk. Giggly and happy for sure, possibly a natural anti-depressant? I'm definitely happier than I was prior. My body feels heavier and I'm prone to laying down and relaxing. My thought processes are undisturbed other than easy to be amused. There's absolutely no question of this being active smoked. Much easier if the fresh thyme is dried out a bit."

    And to the idea of smoking kitchen herbs for the fun of it I leave you with this lolcat.


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  1. cra$h
    has the raver tried this? Sounds like something that might be a good last resort kind of thing
  2. RedBaron
    hmmmm a new possible experimentation for Baron
  3. RaverHippie
    The second portion in quotes was my raver friend's experience report, gathered first hand.
  4. cra$h
    Swim's gotta try this. It almost sounds too good to be true. Something about it has to be not good for swimmers....
  5. cra$h
    Well, swim tried, and failed. He gathered up roughly a grams worth of thyme, and chase the dragon with it. Nothing. Everything the fellow raver said, controdicted swim's endevours. The smoke was rough, burned the eyes, and didn't produce any noticable psychoactive effects. I don't know, maybe swim did something wrong?
  6. honourableone
    This is very interesting, a psychoactive kitchen herb that few people know about... SWIM will try this. Did your raver friend use cheap dried thyme or a more fresh version? SWIM wonders if that might make a difference.
  7. RaverHippie
    My raver friend used fresh thyme from his local mexican grocery but he let it sit out for a few days (refrigerated) to dry out. Then he chopped it up (or ripped it apart to bruise the leaves, this was done AFTER leaves were picked from stems). Then he packed a bowlful as he would with other herbs and used a normal lighter. More smoke was created from the thyme than marijuana according to my raver friend. Also he mentioned that the smoke may have been tough to accept at the first hit but as soon as the smoke interacted with the tracheal tissue, it relaxed the windpipe so that the rest of the smoke was easy. He remembered nothing about the throat getting irritated in the process.

    EDIT: My raver friend tried out the process again to better answer questions. As the fresh thyme has dried the smoke has gotten harsher on the throat. It was still less irritating than marijuana or tobacco. Still achieved the same effects described:crazy
  8. cra$h
    Hmm.... I guess the quality actually does make a difference? I doubt thyme is cross bred for potency like poppies though. Also maybe vaporizing doesn't work, but direct flame does? That would be a first. Swim will try direct flame out of a home made bong, since he's too broke to afford glass right now.
  9. RaverHippie
    Fresh thyme would probably contain more of the active ingredient thymol, since it's volatile (evaporates quickly when leaves bruised/cut/etc). I would imagine the dried and chopped version sold cheaply would be lacking in the ingredient. Fresh, dried thyme (lol) seems to work well.
  10. cra$h
    yup. Sounds like swim's problem. Now the hunt for fresh thyme! Swim thinks he might actually have a plant growin around the house... But if not, where could swim find such a thing? A farmer's market or something along those lines?
  11. RaverHippie
    Every supermarket where my raver friend lives has fresh herbs along with like cut prepared veggies and things like that. Just browse around the vegetable section sometime.

    On another note, my raver friend suffered from a bout of anxiety and the thyme worked perfectly to reduce it, further showing the GABAergic potential of this substance.
  12. doppey
  13. honourableone
    This interests SWIM, as do most novel/unusual recreational drugs. It seems as though thymol is related to propofol (one of the drugs said to have killed Michael Jackson, it's used as an anaesthetic) which fills the criteria as an unusal recreational drug, but lacks the relevant information and safety profile to make SWIM want to go anywhere near it.

    SWIM has just tried a joint of dried thyme (the shop had no fresh thyme, but SWIM thought he would give it a go anyway). The smoke was too hot at times, but there is a definite feeling of mild sedation. SWIM will try this with fresh thyme, and perhaps with larger doses of dried thyme.
  14. psyche
    I wonder how one would go about extracting thymol...
  15. honourableone

  16. beizebopp
    SWIM is gonna try an alcohol extraction on some thyme from the garden once he gets some everclear. He will post back with results, but he might take a few days to get it.

    SWIR.H. has got me thinkin.
  17. Potter
    If you don't have a copy of Pendell's Pharmako/ trilogy yet, you really need to get a set. The chapter Nutmeg Revelries has some excellent information on the content of common herbs. Basically a number of the chemicals are essential amphetamines, that in theory could be turned active during the metabolic process. Basil, parsley, thyme, wormwood, sage, chives... The content can vary wildly and the dosing is unknown (and probably quite large), there's a good chance of making one's self sick like with nutmeg, and it's not with out dangers (i.e. wormwood)

    My copy is out on lone, but when it comes back I'll post the table he's got in there in ethnobotanicles. Bug me in a week or so
  18. Swimster
    i personally wouldnt risk touching this stuff enless you hear alot of reports or something...and smoking is a dangerous idea... life is NOT perfect to say the least....and lastly you fellows arnt scientists or anything so dont try to act like you are onto something 2 cents...
  19. Oxymorphone
    Pretty weird. I've never heard of this before... reminds me of the desperate days of trying things like smoking catnip and such hehe..
  20. Potter
    Swimster: If you don't want to commit offense, don't be offensive.
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