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  1. Guttz
    A new tool to detect drug users on verbal cues alone may replace cumbersome doping tests, a study suggests.

    Forensic psychology masters student Catherine Stipis from the James Cook University in Australia developed a tool to identify drug users through forensic analysis of their statements.

    The tool is known as the Forensic Anti-Doping Interview, or FADI, which Stipis said may have a significant impact on eliminating drug use in sport, according to a James Cook statement.

    'It is a popular fallacy, referred to as the 'CSI effect,' that most criminal investigations are solved through the use of scientifically verifiable evidence,' Stipis said.

    'In fact, the majority of cases are solved through evidence obtained during interviews with witnesses and suspects.

    'Despite extensive investment and research, attempts to deter and detect the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport through biological testing have failed to stem this form of cheating.'

    'This protocol is based on psychological models of why criminal suspects confess, and techniques for detecting deception from forensic linguistics,' she said.

    Sunday 12th December, 2010


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