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"Sounds like He's Fighting a Cold with Cocaine" --Colbert on Trump's Debate Snorts

  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Donald Trump didn’t prepare very much for Monday’s first debate with Hillary Clinton — and that was glaringly apparent to Stephen Colbert.

    The “Late Show” host said the Republican presidential candidate prepared for the debate much the same way he came up with comedy material for his show — by testing out “zingers” over cheeseburgers, hot dogs and Coca-Colas.

    “He may not have prepared, and it looked like he didn’t,” Colbert said.

    He said Clinton told the first lie of the evening when she greeted Trump by saying it was good to be with him, but Trump told the most boneheaded whopper when he denied calling climate change a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese — which was easily refuted by his Twitter account.

    “There’s always the change that that tweet was created by the Chinese to make Trump non-competitive,” Colbert said.

    Republicans have been raising questions about Clinton’s health, but Colbert said the constantly sniffling GOP nominee seemed a little under the weather.

    “Trump sounded like he was fighting off a cold with cocaine,” Colbert said. “He sounded like the coked-up best man in the bathroom at a wedding. He was like ‘Scarface’ — but with more face.”

    By Travis Getty - the Raw Story/Sept. 27, 2016
    Screen capture: NBC News

    To catch a view of the Colbert highlight spoken of above, to view it (since non-drug related You Tubes links are not permitted on DF), if you add the usual http:/www "youtube" to the rest of this internet address ( /watch?v=wqMQDiIiHbk ) you can view the Colbert piece being discussed.

    Author Bio

    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Howard Dean ‘Something Funny Was Going On’ with Trump's Sniffly Debate Performance

    [IMGR=white]https://drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=52515&stc=1&d=1475019966[/IMGR]Howard Dean says he’s not apologizing for his controversial tweet Monday night, which insinuated that Donald Trump may have a drug problem.

    On Tuesday, Dean appeared on MSNBC, telling anchor Kate Snow that he doesn’t believe Trump has a cocaine “habit,” but insisting “something funny was going on.”

    “I don’t make diagnosis on the television — it’s medically improper,” he told Snow. “But I don’t think this was a ridiculous idea. Something funny was going on with Trump last night.”

    Dean then went on to list the symptoms of cocaine abusers that he says were visible during Trump’s presidential debate performance, including sniffling, grandiosity, delusions and pressured speech.

    Trump’s incessant sniffing became a trending topic on social media, igniting memes and the hashtag #TrumpSniffle. A mashup of Trump’s sniffles has been viewed more than 18,000 times on YouTube.

    Dean, a physician turned politician, mused on Twitter, “Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?”

    Ironically, Trump has been suggesting for months that Clinton has been sick, pointing to her coughing fit as evidence that “something’s going on.”

    The Trump-Clinton face-off, which took place at Hofstra University and was hosted by NBC’s Lester Holt, broke the previous Nielsen record for a presidential debate set in 1980 when Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan drew 80.6 million total viewers.

    By Kate Snow - the Wrap/Sept. 27, 2016
    Photo: Julio Cortez, syracuse; inset - Drew Angerer, getty
    Newshawk Crew
  2. aemetha
    Re: "Sounds like He's Fighting a Cold with Cocaine" --Colbert on Trump's Debate Snort

    Bit like saying "I don't make diagnosis on tv, I carefully examine the patient and then use my medical knowledge to arrive at a conclusion as to what is medically affecting them."

    Honestly, sniffing was the only symptom he listed that Trump doesn't normally suffer from. I think if he was on cocaine he might have been a little happier, though I suppose he could have been on a come down, was there another reason he might have been unhappy at the debate? Oh yeah, he lost.
  3. monkeyspanker
    Re: "Sounds like He's Fighting a Cold with Cocaine" --Colbert on Trump's Debate Snort

    Yes he lost on this one, he wasn't sniffling he was snorting, big difference my friends, it is a sound one makes while intaking air while speaking. It's very obvious he knew he was looking bad and, that made the snorting sound much worse towards the end.

    To the no nothing social media freaks...My index finger is raised in your honor...fucking idiot know nothings!! Can't tell a sniffle from a snort :rolleyes:

    And for the record, had the shoe been on the other foot, I would've defended her as well :thumbsup:

  4. DeepGreenSea
    Re: "Sounds like He's Fighting a Cold with Cocaine" --Colbert on Trump's Debate Snort


    The show was on the Right Foot though! How incredibly satisfying to have the Scared White Man be lambasted and accused of Impossible Things!

    And Lord Love Howard Dean for playing the "pig fucker" card of politics, sometimes attributed to Lyndon Johnson. He told his staff to circulate the rumor that his opponent was into bacon (sexually). Aghast, they replied that Johnson couldn't possibly believe that. Johnson smiled and said, "No, but let him spend his stump time running around denying it."

    Classic. And the kind of shit Hilary has to deal with all the time. It's revenge for the Birther bullshit. It's Karma! It's Revenge and 3 cheers for its Sweetness!
  5. monkeyspanker
  6. Beenthere2Hippie
  7. DeepGreenSea
    Re: "Sounds like He's Fighting a Cold with Cocaine" --Colbert on Trump's Debate Snort

    Thank you BT2H!! I actually first read of it in Hunter's Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail.

    It may just be urban legend but it sounds like something a down and dirty old school Texan might say!
  8. monkeyspanker
    Re: "Sounds like He's Fighting a Cold with Cocaine" --Colbert on Trump's Debate Snort

    Yes, thank you so very much BT2H :thumbsup:, I never heard of that before and it really made me laugh! Johnson was quite the man on many levels, a hard thing to do coming off the success of JFK before him.
  9. Beenthere2Hippie
    Dean sort of Apologizes on His Trump's Cocaine Use Innuendo

    [IMGL=white]https://drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=52566&stc=1&d=1475264234[/IMGL]Howard Dean said Friday he regrets suggesting -- with no evidence -- that Donald Trump is a cocaine user. Dean, a former Democratic presidential candidate and a medical doctor, did not apologize to Trump, but for "using innuendo" that contributed to the toxic tone of this year's campaign.

    "I apologize for using innuendo," Dean said on MSNBC, where he's a contributor. "I don't think it's a good thing to do. I don't think it's the right thing to do."

    Trump has said he uses neither alcohol nor drugs. His children recently told CNN that when they were growing up, their father told them every morning to avoid alcohol and drugs.

    Dean made the apology for innuendo after coming under fire, including from fellow Democrats, for his initial social media post during Monday night's debate and later defense of the claim. He faced that pressure in a Friday morning interview on MSNBC by an anchor who shamed Dean by saying he was behaving "like Donald is."

    On Monday, Dean, a medical doctor, had tweeted, "Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?"

    The next day, he said Trump had demonstrated the "signature of people who use cocaine."

    "I just was struck by the sniffing and then by his behavior which came together, these four symptoms," including delusions, Dean said Tuesday on MSNBC. "You know, do I think he has a cocaine habit? I think it's unlikely that you could mount a presidential campaign at 70 years old with a cocaine habit, but it was pretty striking."

    Dean even began the interview Friday by using more innuendo. He was asked about his cocaine allegation and in response referenced a series of early-morning Twitter posts by Trump.

    "Donald Trump was up in the wee hours of the morning," Dean said. "People who stay up at three and four o'clock in the morning talking about sex tapes have something wrong with them."

    Asked about Dean's latest remarks, an adviser to Trump dismissed him altogether.
    "I think Howard Dean is irrelevant in this race right now," Sarah Huckabee Sanders told CNN's Carol Costello.

    By Gregory Wallace - CNN/Sept. 30, 2016
    Newshawk Crew
  10. monkeyspanker
    Re: Dean sort of Apologizes on His Trump's Cocaine Use Innuendo

    Well, I can personally relate to this, I work late nights so, my 3 and 4 o'clocks are my 'daytime', I've been accused of being on something on many other forums for posting in the middle of the night! I can only say that I told them to fuck off and get a life, freakin' drug bigots!! Till you've walked in someones shoes, you have no right to judge.

    I'm glad Dean apologised for his gaff, and can someone please make Trump STFU?? Talk about digging yourself a hole...


  11. aemetha
    Re: Dean sort of Apologizes on His Trump's Cocaine Use Innuendo

    That's one of the great questions of our time along with how to solve climate change, and is world peace truly possible.
  12. DeepGreenSea
    Re: "Sounds like He's Fighting a Cold with Cocaine" --Colbert on Trump's Debate Snort

    Just in case anyone just can't get enough of Politics...
    I really suggest reading Thompsons "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail." To me, it is his masterpiece. I have been reading and re-reading it since my early 20's and it taught me more about Politics than any other source-even the political science/American studies major I dabbled with for a year my first round of college. No other book, even Tim Crouse's "Boys on the Bus" ever came close.

    Trust this aging GenXer. Read The Book and prepare to be Moved and Shaken.
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