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South Carolina man who said he was ghost hunting at cemetery charged with making meth

By Rob Cypher, Oct 16, 2012 | Updated: Oct 16, 2012 | | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    A Spartanburg (South Carolina) man, found with what police believe was a mobile meth lab, told officers he was ghost hunting in Oakwood Cemetery.

    Marvin Willis, 36, of 7323 Lone Oak St., was charged by the Spartanburg Public Safety Department with manufacturing methamphetamine, according to an incident report.

    The report states that an officer patrolling in the area of Oakwood and Avant streets near the cemetery about 11 p.m. noticed three people standing beside a pickup truck in the back of the graveyard. All three told the officer that they were in the cemetery hoping to see ghosts, the report states.

    The officer noticed alcohol inside the truck and asked if he could search the pickup, and Willis said yes. During the search, the officer found several items used to make methamphetamine, according to the report.

    Willis also consented to a search of his person, and the officer found a plastic container in Willis' pants, the report states. Willis said, “You got it, it's dope,” according to the report, and admitted that there was meth inside the container.

    The officer found a blue, rock-like substance inside a plastic bottle in the truck bed, and Willis at first said it was salt, but then admitted that the bottle contained several ingredients used to make meth: ammonium nitrate, lye, pseudoephedrine and lighter fluid, the report states.

    Willis remained at the Spartanburg County Detention Facility on Monday on a $15,000 bond.



  1. Basoodler
    Re: South Carolina man who said he was ghost hunting at cemetery charged with making

    it sounds like he was drunk..

    "Yeh ossiferrr ya can search meh truck...hic.. hic..were just havin us a look ...hic..hic.. fah ghosts"

    Officer asks to search his person.. he replies "I swear I'm not gay ossifer.. that hard ...hic... thing...hic.. is meh dope"

    Seems like a drug creation Darwin Award

    It still doesn't beat the drug creation Darwin award I've seen IRL

    Was running a grocery store.. in a remote little town.. saw a guy stealing lithium batteries .. I am an asshole and set traps with lith batteries, chore boy (but that's another story).. anyway we end up chasing the guy .. who decided to run from us inside the store.. instead of exiting.. (where he could alarm his buddies), anyway the police knew the guy and knew what car to look for.. so before coming in they blocked the car in..

    Inside the car the buddies were making the reaction bottle.. they already had the hcl 20oz bottle prepped.. and we caught the other guy stealing the batteries ..

    I hope he wasn't going to shuck the bunnies in the car and start the reaction
    Anyway the local small town press and surrounding towns press made it out to be a huge meth lab bust in my stores parking lot.. and credited my security guy .. who was a 300lb lazy bastard and had nothing to do with it lol
  2. Rob Cypher
    Re: South Carolina man who said he was ghost hunting at cemetery charged with making

    I wonder what happened to the other two "ghost watchers" that were with him. Report doesn't say.
  3. Basoodler
    Re: South Carolina man who said he was ghost hunting at cemetery charged with making

    I'd assume they got manufacturing charges.. it would be hard to defend themselves otherwise.

    I could see a reason for them having lantern fuel and maybe sudifed if he had allergies.. but having anything else for that process along with the two mentioned is hard to explain.

    Maybe he had a couple items in the truck and because he had meth in his pants they pinned manufacture. But generally the police have a good idea who is cooking, especially in a small town.

    Why in gods name would you pick a grave yard after dark.. police patrol those after dark to make sure people are not in there vandalizing or doing what ever kids do in grave yards.. anybody in there after dark is going to get checked out and run off. Seems like one of the worst possible locations.

    Why not just park in a field or near a fishing hole where police won't have probable cause instantly

    The police told me the day of that parking lot lab that they can search a house and it can have all of the items needed to make meth and they can't press charges unless the items are grouped together or there are signs of manufacture. He also said most of the cooks are also users who will be OCD about organizing the products lol. He said the house can be a wreck but there will be a clean area with all the tools and chemicals available :/

    They also look for large high dollar theft items grouped .. for instance the item that is most commonly stolen from a grocery store is the biggest bottle of tide.. people trade those for meth and they accumulate in the dealers house.. I never understood why anyone could need that much laundry soap. I guess because its expensive and easy to fill a bascart and just walk out with.. its extremely hard to catch because the shoplifter is in and out in seconds
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