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Southampton cemetery vandalism blamed on 'new legal high'

  1. G_nome
    Vandalism at a Southampton cemetery could be evidence of a form of substance abuse new to the UK, according to a drugs charity.

    It is thought teenagers misusing a legitimate feminine anti-inflammatory product damaged the Old Cemetery.

    DrugScope said the product is available over the counter but its misuse can produce hallucinogenic effects.

    Police said they were looking into allegations of possible drug or legal high use by those responsible.

    Harry Shapiro of DrugScope said it was the first time the charity had heard of the gynaecological anti-inflammatory product being misused in the UK.

    But he said there were reports of it being abused in Eastern Europe and Brazil.

    Mr Shapiro said: "It produces visual hallucinations, people get confused, over-excited and agitated which would explain the vandalism. People could get themselves hurt and indulge in fairly mindless behaviour."
    'Mindless vandalism'

    The series of attacks on gravestones and memorials included damage to a well-known memorial to the crew of the Rhone.

    The Southampton registered Steam Packet Ship was wrecked off the British Virgin Islands in 1867 with the loss of more than 120 lives, many of whom were connected to or came from Southampton.

    The vandals smashed the monument on 29 October - the exact 145th anniversary of the tragedy.

    Gillie Dunkanson of the Friends of Southampton Common volunteer group said: "It was just mindless vandalism, the people buried here have served their country and done so much for Southampton."

    Hampshire police said some product packaging had been recovered from the cemetery and taken away by officers.

    A statement said: "We are well aware of the vandalism in the old cemetery that has been happening and officers from our Safer Neighbourhoods Team are carrying out regular patrols in the area as a deterrent.

    "We would like to reassure people we will take action against anyone that we have evidence is causing vandalism in the cemetery, whatever the cause."



  1. Potter
    Excuse me??? WHAT THE FUCK???

    I have to say, I give them credit for not saying what product they are pretending causes people to get high.
  2. Ghetto_Chem
    After reading this and getting super curious swims friend searched a bit and found the possible (most likely) candidate for what this drug may be. But as Potter said, there is a moral dilemma as whether to actually post this or not. Its sounds like it will probably turn into the next diphenhydramine or dramamine, and we probably don't need another deliriant kids can get their hands on.

    It seems this substance has been abused before in Poland, Brazil, and Romania by teens according to one source. It causes delirium and is CNS stimulant.

    In swims opinion, this vandalism wasn't caused by the drugs themselves, the drugs probably just fueled the fun for these kids.

  3. Phenoxide
    This one certainly came out of left field. Anti-inflammatories and recreational drugs are for the most part mutually exclusive, so for an over-the-counter one to suddenly being reported in this way is unexpected to say the least.

    I have contacted DrugScope to see if they are willing to share further details about this case with us. It certainly does look like there was a conscious effort to avoid naming the specific substance in question, which was probably the right call to avoid the article simply serving to generate further interest in this mysterious substance.
  4. kailey_elise
    "feminine anti-inflammatory"??? WTF are they talking about? Kids trying to get high from Midol or Pamprin now????



    ETA: Eww, I think I figured out what it is. Gross. Although most info on it doesn't mention it's feminine/menstrual usage. I'd actually be interested to try it, you know, as the directions state, but I'm not sure it really would help with cramps (I have endometrosis & my menses can be exceptionally painful).

    ian, that was the best reply I've seen on DF in well over a week! ;)
  5. ianzombie
    Its just teens going through a rough Period
  6. fehs
  7. Ghetto_Chem
    Lol well now that the cats out of the bag... Was only a matter of time...

    Substance most likely related to the Southampton Vandalism.

    Benzydamine, available as the hydrochloride, is a locally-acting nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug with local anaesthetic and analgesic properties for pain relief and anti-inflammatory treatment of inflammatory conditions of the mouth and throat.

    It selectively binds to inflamed tissues (Prostaglandin synthetase inhibitor) and is normally free of adverse systemic effects. Unlike other NSAIDs, it does not inhibit cyclooxygenase or lipooxygenase, and is not ulcerogenic

    Benzydamine has been misused recreationally. In overdosages it acts a deliriant and CNS stimulant. Such misuse, particularly among teenagers, has been reported in Poland, Brazil, and Romania.

    Rosalgin is comprised of benzydamine (INN) HCl, a substance of acknowledged antiinflammatory action. Benzydamine acts on inflammation, respecting and facilitating normal tissue defence and healing capacity, reducing oedema, capillary stasis and degenerative alterations. Rosalgin exercises an effective detergent action, not only through the classic mechanical effect of vaginal lavages, but also through its inhibitory action on the formation of phlogistic material, providing an evident antiexudative action.

    Each single-dose sachet contains:
    Benzydamine (INN) HCl 500 mg

    As K_E said though, it doesn't sound like this substance is primarily used for gynecological problems.

    FOR THOSE READING THIS DON'T TRY THIS SHIT. It sounds like its recreational usage is relatively unknown so if anyone is stupid enough, god bless your soul. As the article says, this drug will make you go crazy and have the overwhelming urge to go to your nearest cemetery and smash headstones haha.

  8. Seaquake
  9. aikidoka
    Jesus, this is why certain drugs should be at least decriminalised. Dave's rule says people will try to get bent no matter what. This has been proven true time after time, with the likes of Mellow Yellow and Coke and Aspirin back in the day and even with 'straight' people during Prohibition in the USA and the time Vodka/Alcohol was banned in Russia. I read somewhere (and this could be urban legend) that more soldiers' deaths were caused in the 10-year long Russian occupation of Afghanistan by bootleg liquor (usually distilled from either, wait for it, rocket/missile fuel or brake fluid) than by bullets.

    I did read a National Geographic article about a small village in Belarus (or somewhere like that) where people had resorted to drinking a locally-made, alcohol-based bath scent because it cost far less than a bottle of (now legal) Vodka. The downside was they were all dropping dead from organ failure or having kids with no arms and two heads kinda thing and more than half the adult population of this remote village were well-hooked on this stuff. Some local oligarch/baron was making a killing (literally) by making or importing it (I can't remember which). People want to escape/get high/get bent and the powers-that-be know this already (which explains why alcohol - even alcopops aimed at teens and younger drinkers - and cigarettes are still legal) so why do they exclude/penalise the wants and needs of a huge number of voters/people?

    Customs and the police the world over laud their 'victories' and brag to the media about their busts and getting meth and smack and whatever else off the streets; what they don't realise is that people who HAVE to use this stuff to stay afloat will try anything in order to put off the day they have to cease and desist. As most here should be aware, until we are ready to do that, no amount of incarceration or judicial (or any other kind of) intervention is going to do much good. This is all a massive waste of taxpayer's money, professionals time and even jail space. Addicts are not criminals, though they are usually compelled to associate with criminals and resort to criminal behaviour to sustain their using. I don't want to restart the whole legalise dope thing, but in relation to this topic it is pertinent to mention Dave's law and how it affects drug users. If someone spread the word that one person got high burning cat shit and smoking it, there would be an upsurge in the number of teens following the family cat and digging up stools. What damage that may cause to society doesn't bear thinking about.

    I say make the best quality gear available, possibly with a tax on it, with decent and open education about drug use, well-funded and comprehensive back-end support in the likes of accessible drug-related health care and rehabs for those who may need it. Not every one who tries smack or meth will get hooked on it, though of course some will and having a health system geared up to assist them and the subsequent reduction in criminal behaviour should reduce the impact of addiction on society in general. People who want to try drugs will try drugs, regardless of whether they are legal or not and the reverse is also true - my wife would never touch smack, even if it were sold over the counter at the local 7/11. Prohibition doesn't work. we know that; it practically created organised crime in the USA and that legacy now controls the flow of dope as well. Taking drug supply out of criminal hands and placing it into the government/health system domain is the only viable way forward.

    Bah! Sorry for the rant; more fucking quakes here (more than 200 last week) and I'm really on edge these days.
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