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Southeast Asia: Indonesia to Treat Drug Users, Not Jail Them

By enquirewithin · Mar 29, 2009 · ·
  1. enquirewithin
    In a surprise move, the Indonesian Supreme Court last Friday issued a memo to judges ordering them to send drug users to drug treatment centers, not prison. The memo is not retroactive, meaning people currently imprisoned for drug use or possession will not be eligible.

    According to the memo, arrestees would be eligible for treatment only if the amount of drugs with which they were caught were below certain "personal use" quantities. For marijuana, the upper limit is 5 grams; for cocaine, heroin, and morphine, 0.15 grams, for methamphetamine, 0.25 grams.
    In the memo, the Supreme Court said drug users in treatment must submit to drug tests on request, must obtain a letter of recommendation for treatment from a court-appointed psychiatrist, must not relapse, and must not be drug dealers.

    While the move is arguably a step forward for drug users, it is causing concern in the Indonesian Judiciary Supervisory Committee, which worried that is could encourage corruption. "Drug suspects could easily pay investigators some money to change their status from drug dealers to drug users," the committee's Hasril Hertanto said Sunday. "Judges usually determine the status of drug case suspects based on the dossiers presented by police and prosecutors. So they are the ones who must be very cautious about this matter."

    Southeast Asian nations are among the toughest in the world when it comes to punishing drug users. Even with reservations about coerced treatment, the Supreme Court's move is an advance in drug policy for the archipelago.

    from Drug War Chronicle, Issue #578, 3/27/09


  1. Denny007
    recently,2 female district prosecutor(jaksa) for High State Court(pengadilan Negeri) in jakarta indonesia, stole and sale 1kilo meth and (get this) 6 MILLION extacy pills from the evidende room,and swithed them (the drugs) with the dog medicine pills that looks the same as the extacy pills.
    Unfortunate for them,they got caught by the internal affair,but apparently the investigation regarding the distribution of money & profit that they made,was brutely farced stopped and the case went from hot case to cold case..but the 2 female prosecutor that becomes the defendant now,was then prosecuted,but the boss and anymen behind the whole thing will never be solved.

    This is Indonesia,
    and an Indonesian reporting for Drug Forum
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