Southern Arizona couple defend religious use of pot

By Mick Mouse · Aug 31, 2006 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    A husband and wife from SE AZ. who say their church uses pot for religious enlightenment argued their case in a New Mexico court this week.

    After being arrested with 172 pounds of pot in their car, they claim religious freedom allows them to use illegal drugs. The attorny Generals office say they are using religion as a cover for a drug organization.

    They are charged with conspiracy and possession with intent to sell over 50 kilos. The driver of their car, a fellow member of the Church of Cognizance, has turned States evidence.

    The Church of Cognizance is based on research and interpretation of religious texts and is a form of "Neo-Zoroastrianism", which holds sacred a drink made from a mountian plant called haoma. In Zoroastrianism, the plant, the drink, and the God are the same, and the couple believe that cannabis is haoma.

    source: Arizona Daily Star-

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  1. Sklander
    Jesus... It's just a plant...
  2. Bajeda
    Meaning..... ?

    They are probably full of it, but the plant does have religious uses, particularly in orally consumed form where it is much more potent and psychedelic-like.

    As the article says, in Zoroastrianism the plant has a special place. Also in Hinduism it is a sacred herb. Also some Sufi sects (mystical form of Islam) believe in use of the plant.
  3. Nature Boy
    As I have stated on this forum many times in the past, special religious allowances for drug-use is a big no-no in my book. It's up there with race crimes and NAMbLA as a shitty excuse in order to enforce or justify something. Natural plants like cannabis shouldn't be illegal in the first place so there would be no need for these allowances and all the complications and time-wasting that goes with them through the court system. Talk about getting tangled in your own legal mumbo-jumbo.
  4. Beeker
    I can count at least 3 deadly plants in my back yard if a kid ate a part of them.
    I feel like this arguement was made back in Greece or something but just keeps coming back around.
  5. Bajeda
    The world - and the US in particular - seems to have cultural amnesia when it comes to drugs.

    They just don't realize that its the same things happening over and over and over again. Prohibition, war on drugs, meth/speed epidemics, explosion of lsd/ecstasy, resurgence of heroin. It never ends. The same things keep repeating.

    You would think after pushing a button constantly and getting shocked each time you would learn to stop pushing the button. That is unless you can't remember you got shocked from pushing the button or don't realize that is why you are getting shocked, which is what is happening with the war on drugs and the US public right now.

    Sorry for the shitty analogy, I'm tired.
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