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Spain raids 'Europe's largest cocaine lab'

  1. Finn Mac Cool
    Spanish police have raided a huge drug-production lab near Madrid, seizing 300kg of cocaine and 2m euros in cash.

    The police arrested 25 people and said the facility was the "largest and most sophisticated" cocaine lab in Europe.
    They said the suspects included Spaniards and Colombians, and they had imported the drug by hiding it in shipping containers of coffee.
    Spain is a major transit point for drugs from the cocaine-producing nations of Latin America.
    The police raided the lab, in the village of Villanueva de Perales, after a two-year investigation.
    As well as cash and drugs, police also seized 33 tonnes of chemicals used to process cocaine, a cache of weapons, 18 luxury vehicles, 470 mobile phones and share certificates worth 50m euros (£42m; $67m).

    18 January 2011



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