Spanish article about drug traffic on internet forums. Can anyone translate this?

By Alfa · Feb 27, 2007 · ·
  1. Alfa

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  1. pabel_giboon
    SWIM´ll be working on it.
  2. pabel_giboon
    There it is, quoted from Barcelona´s newspaper "ADN" -looks like a free newspaper, the ones youy are guiven on the metro, looks like a big one-


    Internet surfers use the web to get informed and make contacts on getting drugs.


    The Spanish Internet Observatory claimed yesterday about the raise in internet drug selling between youngsters and how easy access to drugs is, since pushers find this medium ideal for staying undercover, avoiding police control and achieving faster logistics.

    Ina press conference, the Observatory’s director, Fransesc Canals, made public their study "Drugs over the net. From the actual markets to the LCD screens", which claims that there’s 8 million young internet-users in Spain(18 to 35 years), from which more than 1 million does -more or less frequently- drug related internet searches.


    The young people block is the most active on the net and has already sttled on pushing drugs over the internet, in which the best sellers are "cannabis, marihuana and design drugs", as Canals has observed.

    The Observatory has catalogued drug related sites, ranging from "social clubs" (7000 in Spain) where drug is not sell but apology of it is made an instructions of how to get it are fully detailed, to specific drug-related forums (more than 1400 in Spain) where email addresses are exchanged on purpose to sell-buy drugs, as Canals has explained.

    Internet users are in constant search of information on marihuana growing, for example. Spain has 31.800.000 internet queries on the world "cannabis", 481.000 on "marihuana effects" and 358.000 on "growing marihuana", as the Observatory has noticed."---

    (Translator note: the article includes photos of two internet sites, one is not legible, teh other has a very nice and succulent shroom kit)
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