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Spanish police find hashish in frozen sardine shipment

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Spanish police find hashish in frozen sardine shipment
    Eleven tonnes of hashish has been found hidden in a shipping container of frozen sardines.

    Madrid – Spanish police said Tuesday they had seized 11 tonnes of hashish that was hidden in a shipping container of frozen sardines and detained nine people in connection with the operation.

    The drugs were discovered at an industrial estate in the Mediterranean coastal town of Santa Pola south of Alicante, police said in a statement.

    Police believe the suspects, all of them Spanish nationals between the ages of 30 and 65, had smuggled into Spain regular consignments of hashish by sea which was hidden in containers of fish and then distributed across Europe.

    Police also seized three heavy duty trucks, a high-end car, EUR 3,000 in cash as well as 11 tonnes of frozen sardines as part of the operation.

    Spain, with its extensive coastline, is Europe's main point of entry for Moroccan cannabis, from which hashish is produced, and for cocaine from South America, mostly from Colombia, the world's top producer of the drug.

    AFP / Expatica



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