Spanish Police Seize 40,000 Doses of Psychoactive Drug Used in Jungle Ceremonies

By chillinwill · Jan 8, 2009 · Updated Jan 8, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill

    Jan. 5 MADRID, Spain — Spanish police have raided a house in a Madrid suburb, arrested two people and seized 40,000 doses of a psychoactive substance traditionally used by South American shamans.

    The substance yaje — or ayahuasca in Quechua, the ancient Inca language — is derived from a hallucinogenic jungle vine used for centuries in religious and healing ceremonies.

    Investigators were alerted to its suspected distribution by an organization in the Las Rozas suburb, the Interior Ministry said in a statement Monday.

    Three minors were among 21 people taking part in a ceremony when police raided the house in late December. The agency said the estimated value of the seized drug was $1.63 million.

    Monday, January 05, 2009
    Associated Press
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  1. PsychoActivist
    "The agency said the estimated value of the seized drug was $1.63 million."

    Thats so stupid it's not like these people were gonna go out and sell it in the streets. Estimated value...pfft.
    I wish they'd let the natives have their ceremonies in peace. I mean c'mon it's not like they are doing any harm. If it's for ceremonial use, they should just let them be. Not like it's crack and a bunch of Ayahuasca fiends are gonna come out and start murdering and robbing fools cause they gotta get a Yaje fix....
    Gimmie a break man.

    Granted it does mention distribution but do you think these people were slingin' it to make money??
    I doubt it. Not Ayahuasca anyway. Maybe distribution as in sharing it or giving it away in ceremonies.
    I guess I could be wrong but if so this is the first I've ever heard of a "black market" for Ayahuasca.
  2. Sven99
    So they're estimating that the stuff's worth $40 a dose? Who calculates these estimates, cos their dealer must be ripping them off something chronic.

    I can just imagine it now. "No really man, a pill costs £20 I swear!"
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