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'Speckled Rolex' drug warning after Belfast death

By Hey :-), Dec 28, 2013 | | |
  1. Hey :-)
    Police in Northern Ireland have issued a warning over a type of yellow ecstasy known as "speckled Rolex" after one man died and four others were hospitalised.

    It is believed all five men were at a house party in Twinbrook - an area on the outskirts of Belfast.

    Paramedics were called to Thornhill Court at about 19:30 GMT on Friday. The man died at the scene.

    Police, who believe the speckled Rolex tablets were taken, have advised anyone who has them to dispose of them safely.

    A post-mortem examination will be held to establish the cause of the man's death.

    BBC News Northern Ireland
    27 December 2013


  1. Hey :-)
    PSNI Call to destroy drugs after DJ's death

    The PSNI have issued a warning against taking a new batch of drugs called ‘Speckled Rolex’ after the death of a man at a house party.

    The man who died has been named in local press as 42-year-old Belfast DJ Gerard Mulholland.

    It is understood the drugs were taken during a party in a Twinbrook flat.

    Paramedics attended the scene and gave emergency aid to another four party-goers who were believed to have taken the same substance.

    News Letter
    The pride of Northern Ireland
    December 29 2013
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