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  1. chillinwill
    POLICE fear a shortage in drug equipment is forcing amphetamine producers to target school laboratories.

    In the past two weeks, two Rockhampton schools have been targeted and laboratory equipment stolen.

    On Wednesday night, thieves broke into the science room at the Rockhampton Grammar School and stole glassware and a quantity of chemicals.

    Similar items were stolen from Glenmore State High School’s science room during the night of December 14 and 15.

    Regional crime co-ordinator Detective Inspector Jon Wacker said there might be a shortage in equipment because of the number of drug laboratories police had found and put out of operation recently.

    He said during the past month alone police had seized four lots of clandestine equipment and precursor chemicals from sites within the community.

    The most recent was a drug laboratory was found at a house in an Elphinstone Street, North Rockhampton, on December 6.

    Police raided the home and found a suspected amphetamines laboratory.

    On December 1 police found a suspected abandoned drug lab in a storage shed near Crescent Lagoon School.

    Inspector Wacker said the two school burglaries could well be linked because they were very similar.

    He would not release the details about what types of chemicals were stolen.

    Inspector Wacker urged the community to keep an eye on their local schools over the holiday period.

    “When schools are unoccupied, if you see someone on school grounds or any suspicious activities, contact police immediately.

    “It is an offence of trespass to enter school ground,” he said.

    Melinda Siegmeier
    January 4, 2010
    The Bulletin


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