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    A woman caught with a stash of the drug speed in her fridge told police she used it to help her do the housework faster.

    Aileen Hedges told officers who raided her home in Gravesend, Kent, in April last year that the 18.8g of amphetamine - worth around £180 - was for her own personal use.

    The 30-year-old told officers that he had 'no intention of supplying the drug' and that she used the class B drug, which gives users 'rushes' and is a 'performance enhancer', to help her clean her house faster.

    Officers also found 35.6g of cannabis in the home, worth around £150. Hedges told them it helped her to 'come down' after doing cleaning and DIY.

    Hedges, however, changed her story when she appeared at Maidstone Crown Court this week and admitting supplying speed and cannabis.

    She told the court that she initially said the class B drugs were for her own use as she was worried about being jailed for supplying drugs, but finally admitted the charges.

    Bridget Todd, prosecuting, told the court: "She explained she took the amphetamine in order to do her housework, perhaps a little faster than she usually would.

    "She was also doing some decorating and would then take the cannabis to come down."

    The court heard how cops found a string of text messages on Hedges' mobile phone which the prosecutor said 'indicated it was not merely for her own personal use and it went beyond social supply to friends'.

    Hedges was handed nine-months in jail, suspended for two years and ordered to take part in a six-month drug rehabilitation course after admitting supplying the drugs.

    Speaking today she admitted her lie, adding: "I have never taken speed in my life.

    "I just said it because I have been done for drugs before and was worried about losing my house. I thought I would get it over and done with and just get a caution.

    "But I then told the truth. I just wish I had put my hands up at the start."

    By Telegraph reporters, 27th September 2012.


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