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Spiked drugs alert of crystal meth in county durham!!!!???

By mrsJackson, May 18, 2012 | Updated: May 19, 2012 | | |
  1. mrsJackson
    The Northern Echo.

    Darlington on alert over spiked drugs!

    DRUG workers last night issued an urgent warning after tests revealed batches of cannabis and legal highs circulating in a North-East town have been contaminated with potentially deadly crystal meth.
    A drug treatment service in Darlington raised the alarm after a number of its users tested positive for the substance, a highly addictive Class A drug linked to psychosis, brain damage, strokes and death.
    Those tested believed they had only taken cannabis or legal highs, and drug workers fear the contamination is a deliberate attempt to introduce crystal meth to the area.

    David Gardiner, children and young people’s manager at Darlington Borough Council’s Drug and Alcohol Action Team, said last night: “There has been a small but significant number of incidents where tests showed that people who believed they had only used cannabis had other drugs in their systems.
    “This has been followed by a number of people testing positive for methamphetamine (crystal meth) after taking legal highs.”
    It is believed that batches of legal drugs with the street names of Jolly Green Granules, Bubble and Blue Balls may have been contaminated.
    The Drug and Alcohol Action Team is now attempting to establish the scope of the problem, which it describes as completely new to the area.

    Mr Gardiner said: “It is speculation at the moment, but all those tested said they had sourced the substances locally.
    It looks like the problem could be linked to a local dealer.
    “This suggests that the drugs may have been cut in a deliberate attempt to introduce the drug to the area.”
    The drugs users who tested positive for crystal meth were unaware they had taken it.
    Mr Gardiner said: “The most worrying fact is that it was a genuine surprise to those people that there was something else there.
    “This suggests the contamination was not immediately apparent and proves that when you are buying illegal drugs, you can never know exactly what you are getting.”
    Use of crystal meth is widespread in the US and Australia, but is now on the increase in England. Users can face up to seven years in jail and an unlimited fine, while dealers can be jailed for life.
    The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimates there are more than 24 million users worldwide.
    The Drug and Alcohol Action Team is working with police and is reassuring the public that the presence of crystal meth is unusual for the area.
    Anyone who believes they may have been affected by the contaminated drugs should contact their GP if they feel unwell. For confidential drugs advice, call drugs charity Frank on 0800-776600.

    Really!!! surely Crystal meth would be too expensive to do this!


  1. Joe Duffy
    As a member of the thinking community, this information (disinformation/lies) would lead me to think total BS, but then again I’m only speaking for about 40 years real experience, and some time us elders are just a little silly and considered legally eligibly mad, by the current media.
  2. MrG
    I can clear this is up in one fell swoop:

    Replace this:
    With this:
    There, all fixed.
  3. Nofate89
    wait that's not too far from me - oooh a local source for crystal as opposed to the usually shit quality amphetamine available around here would be too good to be true! Luckily this pertains to super reliable information given that a member of Darlington Borough Council’s Drug and Alcohol Action Team says it to be so! No hidden agenda here, move along folks!!
  4. Baba Blacksheep
    Wasn't there a news story a couple of weeks back of a couple of people dying in County Durham after consuming a pale yellow paste thought to be amphetamine related?
  5. mrsJackson
    Hey baba, haven't heard anything about the yellow paste stuff! There have been a lot of urban legends going round though about kids being sold 'popping candy' which apparently is crystal meth! X
  6. Baba Blacksheep
    Hi Mrs Jackson, It was a snippet from the Mail on Sunday some weeks ago. Taken with a whole salt shaker and I've heard nothing more of it. I wonder if it was something they were relating to the GBL incident. Buried news now I think.
  7. Ghetto_Chem
    There's two reasons they tested positive, one being that they lied, and two being that some legal highs out there can make a person test positive for methamphetamine. Mephedrone (and probably some chemical relatives of mephedrone) has been known to cause false positives for methamphetamine in both field test and urine analysis. Doesn't mean "deadly crystal meth" is flooding the streets, just that the tests used to determine these substances, don't work as accurately as they wanna say.

    This persons guess would be option two, as weird as this sounds the majority of addicts that swims friend knows would come clean about their usage after being confronted with a dirty UA.

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