Spring breakers gone wild: College students’ annual rite of debauchery continues despite towns’ atte

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  1. the elusive eye
    (Full title: Spring breakers gone wild: College students’ annual rite of debauchery continues despite towns’ attempts to curb it)

    Spring break crackdown: New rules in Fort Lauderdale
    College students' annual rite of debauchery during spring break continues despite towns' attempts to curb it.

    Just when you thought spring break couldn’t get any weirder, this happened.

    College students from across the country gathered this week in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to take swigs out of a half-naked female mannequin filled with liquor, with a spigot coming out of its crotch.

    Coeds evidently couldn't get enough of the raunchy, booze filled mannequin. (Repotajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com )

    “'Grab the t**s! Grab the t**s!' people were yelling,” photographer Jorge Rodriguez told Fox News. Rodriguez, who was on the Las Olas beach all day snapping pics, said the bizarre behavior escalated as the day went on, including “lots of vodka drinking out of Gatorade bottles,” twerking, public makeout sessions, and butt grabbing among the students on the sunny, but somewhat chilly 74-degree day.

    A wild spring break has long been a tradition of lore for students across the country. (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    Despite new measures from hotspot towns, it’s evident that collegians are by no means slowing down their fun. (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    Annie (3rd from left), from Illinois State University said 'Fort Lauderdale is the number one destination for Spring Break. Mexico is full of drugs' (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    Rocco (1st on left) from Clarion University of Pennsylvania said 'Girls here are definitely easier than back in Pennsylvania' (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    Photographer Jorge Rodriguez said that the revelry escalated as the day went on. (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    Rodriguez said law enforcement officials working with police dogs and horses did their best to monitor the scene, making “five or six” arrests during his time there. And they were just getting started.

    While most escape with a few hangovers to show for it, others are not so lucky. (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    An estimated 4 million college students invade Florida’s perennial spring break hotspot cities, including Miami Beach, Daytona, Orlando, Panama City Beach and Fort Lauderdale. And while most escape with just a few hangovers to show for their troubles, others are not so lucky.

    “If you chose to act up, and chose not to follow our rules, you’re going to jail.” (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    Spring Breakers party at Las Olas beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    Ball State University junior Drew Akers was put into a medically induced coma after being injured in a hit and run accident earlier this week in Fort Lauderdale. Troubling video footage has made headlines for a Miami Beach cop punching a man on the ground during his arrest while a nightclub lost its license to operate after abusing a horse during a party stunt.

    Katelyn (in white bikini on right) from Illinois Wesleyan University said she's seen 'people constantly blacking out' (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    Though Fort Lauderdale has enacted new measures like banning coolers, tents, tables, noisy speakers and inflatable devices from the beaches through spring break season, in addition to limiting parking, traffic routes and alcohol on the shores, it’s evident from the photos that the collegians are by no means slowing down their shenanigans.

    Hailey (in yellow) from the University of Alabama said 'Go Trump' (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    Carly from the University of Wisconsin said 'I love seeing people get arrested' (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    In fellow spring break hotspot Panama City Beach, Metro reports that over 220 spring breakers had been arrested as of March 13. Nevertheless, Panama City Beach Mayor Mike Thomas told Fox News that his town's strict rules have seriously curtailed illegal behavior in recent years.

    “We changed the hours of drinking back two hours earlier, bars must close at two, no drinking on the beach in March, no parking overnight on the rightaways, those are just some of them,” Thomas said. “I know that the arrests are down, and that we are having a very nice spring break.”

    Mayor Thomas of Panama City Beach said past city administrations “let [the excessive partying] go on too long.” (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    Thomas said past city administrations “let [the excessive partying] go on too long.” The mayor said rowdy students “come here fully trained – if they’re a problem at home, they come down here in great numbers and create greater problems.”

    Shannon (middle) from the University of Tampa said 'there is not enough loud music and a lot of cops' (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    But Thomas said that in Panama City at least, they’re no longer looking the other way at rabble rousers.

    “If you chose to act up, and chose not to follow our rules, you’re going to jail.”

    Police officers patrol on foot and horse back, with the aid of canine units. (Reportajes El Molinon for FoxNews.com)

    “It just won’t be tolerated. If that’s what kids want, they definitely shouldn’t be coming here," Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce President Dan Lindblade similarly told the Sun Sentinel. "The spring break days of the past aren’t that way anymore.”

    Shannon, a merrymaker from the University of Tampa, kind of agreed, telling Rodriguez that though she’s having a good time, “there is not enough loud music, and a lot of cops.”

    But it turns out some of those cops are also contributing to the merriment. Ernesto Rodriguez, a spokesperson for the Miami Beach Police Department, believes that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

    “This year, we refurbished an old lifeguard stand, where we have a sergeant and detective stationed on the weekend to DJ, engage with our community and visitors and remind them of the do’s and don’ts of having a good time,” he told Fox News.

    Officers keep watch - and the tunes flowing - from a refurbished lifeguard stand in Miami Beach. (Ernesto Rodriguez/Miami Beach Police Department )

    Looks like you truly can't stop the party, after all.

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    Written by: Janine Puhak, Mar 15, 2018, Fox News

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  1. the elusive eye
    i just want to say that i think this article is a bit childish...actually not so much the article, but the photojournalism (if you can call it that) it contains...like the photographer was partying and just used a bunch of candids to "turn in" for his deadline, or got there and got the assignment out of the way within the first 5 minutes so he could then party. (it also seems a little clickbait-y.) the article itself though, without the pics, actually is pretty much just standard, run-of-the-mill reporting like you'd find at most local news organizations, not great but not entirely horrible either.
  2. ladywolf2012
    College kids will always party hearty. If Florida succeeds in kicking them out during spring break time, they will just go somewhere else: New Orleans, the beaches in L.A. The parties WILL continue!
  3. Tulio_Hermil
    I've seen so many coors cans on the trash when I went there on pring break years ago, you could make a whole fleet of airliners with all that aluminium haha
  4. GrilledHydrogen
    This is what I want the aliens to see when they make first contact with Earth lmao or maybe they already have and that's why they bolted and decided to never come this way again!
  5. SirDabathin
    Chugging beer through the female mannequin is a bit unorthodox to do out on a public beach, could you imagine some over the top mom seeing that and going over to have a chat with them.

    I think it is pretty cool that the cops converted that life guard station into a DJ booth, they just want these to college students to have a good time it seems, of course only if they are abiding by their laws, which seem pretty reasonable.

    I agree with elusive, the journalism done here is honestly just filler, and the raunchy images make the whole thing seem childish. Then again, a good time to these college students is spending a fuck ton of money on booze and plane tickets to party in Florida. Seems like basic way to spend your spring break.

    Would much rather spend that money on a trip to a foreign country to explore the culture and talk the locals. With cannabis of course.
  6. Diverboone
    Fort Lauderdale has not been a Spring breakers epicenter in over 30 years. Fort Lauderdale and Daytona relinquished that title when Panama City Beach became the new hot spot, with a little help from MTV, in the late 80's. PCB held on for many years and still is a popular destination. But for those who really like to celebrate Spring Break, their destination has moved out of the Country. Cancun has been that new hot spot for the last decade. This article doesn't rise to the level of being news worthy,
  7. NoobyUser
    NYC is a great alternative place for partying if you ask me. Lots of clubs in the city and Asian bars in Brooklyn and Queens to get wild at.
  8. ladywolf2012
    Yeah, but these kids want to get down to bikinis and thongs, and shove each other into the pools. Kind of hard to do in New York City...
      the elusive eye likes this.
  9. TheBigBadWolf
    ach, they're only doing what kids do - party til the doctor comes. Better than acting out aggressively.
    Did I really see only caucasian persons on the pics? xept for the detective on the lifeguard station..
      the elusive eye likes this.
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