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  1. Meow Tse Dung
    Stab son was ‘wrecked by dope’
    Published: 01 Jul 2011

    THE father of a drug addict burglar stabbed to death in a failed robbery has told how his son's life fell apart after he started smoking cannabis.
    Grieving Garry Bennell, 52, said career criminal Jon used marijuana as a teenager before taking class A drugs.

    The golf club captain added: "That explains the need for cash. They talk about marijuana not being addictive - I would dispute that.

    "Even if it's not addictive, it's a lifestyle that it promotes that's addictive. And it's the starting point for harder stuff."

    Jon, 27, of Hyde, Gtr Manchester, died after he and others raided a house armed with a machete in Salford last week while he was on bail.

    He had carried out at least 15 house burglaries, been caged for three years and was wanted by three police forces during a 14-YEAR crime spree.

    Garry said: "Jon's an example of how the penal system doesn't work."

    Peter Flanagan, 59, is on bail over Jon's stabbing. Two men have been charged over the raid on Flanagan's home. Another is being quizzed by cops.

    Source: Richard Moriarty - The Sun


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