Stabbing blamed on cough medicine

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    Shane Tilley took eight times the recommended amount of cough medicine a day and a half before he allegedly stabbed Andy Lubben to death, according to his girlfriend’s mother.

    Kari Kreger and her daughter, Jenni, stood at Tilley’s apartment door and pleaded with him Saturday night to let them get help. “He was talking about people being robots,” said Kreger, a stay-at-home mother of five girls. “He just wasn’t making sense.”

    Tilley had called Jenni that morning begging for help. She said he told them he’d taken 32 Coricidine pills to get high and wasn’t feeling right, but by 11:30 p.m. he changed his mind.

    Police Capt. Doug Srb declined to say if police believe his condition had anything to do with Lubben’s stabbing Sunday.

    Lubben’s family declined to comment on the notion of Tilley being under the influence of cough medicine.

    Such abuse, sometimes called “Robotripping,” is a greater problem than previously thought, according to the Partnership for a Drug Free America. It estimates one in 11 U.S. teens has used cough medicine to get high.

    Kreger said as she stood in the doorway Saturday night, she could tell Tilley wasn’t OK. His words weren’t connecting right. He kept saying he wouldn’t hurt Jenni.

    Kreger said she knew Tilley as a softspoken kid with a big heart. He’d been over and watched movies at the house.

    “This person I was talking to Saturday night was not him. He was completely and totally different,” she said.

    But Tilley wouldn’t accept help, seemed scared and deadbolted the door behind them, she said. They left, planning to come back the next day -- perhaps with Tilley’s mom -- to do something.

    “Unfortunately it happened before we got over there,” Kreger said.

    About noon Sunday, Lubben -- Tilley's friend -- left the same apartment dying from stab wounds allegedly inflicted by Tilley.

    Police say Tilley followed Lubben outside and stabbed him again. They followed a trail of blood from Lubben’s body to Tilley’s apartment and found him with a self-inflicted stab wound to the chest.

    On Wednesday, Tilley was still in the hospital recovering, until he’s well enough to go to jail.

    “It’s a terrible, terrible thing that’s happened,” Kreger said.

    She said she feels terrible for Lubben's family, and wondered if things might have ended differently had she called police -- despite Tilley refusing help that night. But she knows she and her daughter can’t blame themselves.

    She said she wanted to let parents know about over-the-counter cough suppressants some children are buying and using to get high.

    And she wanted people to know what she knows now — to call and get help if you think someone needs it, even if they don’t want it, because it could end up saving a life.

    Now Kreger finds herself in a position she never dreamed she’d be in: defending someone accused of stabbing a man to death.

    It’s an ironic twist, considering her own father was stabbed to death by a woman strung out on drugs in a small town in central Illinois five days after her fifth birthday.

    “For 32 years I carried that anger and resentment around with me,” Kreger said. “Here I am now on the other side of it ... It’s kind of been a full circle.”

    She and Jenni went to St. Patrick’s Church Sunday night to light candles for Andy and Shane. They prayed and cried.

    “I just want people to know he wasn’t a monster,” she said of Tilley. “It wasn’t like he was planning to go kill a bunch of people and off himself. It was a drug-induced state and he has yet to come out of it. I don’t know that he ever will.”

    Reach Lori Pilger at 473-7237 or [email protected].

    What to know

    In 2005, the Nebraska Regional Poison Center took 59 calls in the state (six in Lincoln) about young people abusing dextromethorphan, the active ingredient in cough suppressants like Coricidine and Robitussin. So far this year they’ve taken 10 calls.

    Joan McVoy, a public education nurse at the center, said they’ve been seeing an increase in the last couple of years of kids trying to get a quick high off the products.

    She said products containing dextromethorphan have replaced NyQuil, or other cough syrups with codine, because they don’t need to take as much to feel high.

    “What happens is these medications have a narcotic-like effect — sort of an LSD high,” McVoy said.

    Children have been hospitalized for the effects of overdosing, she said. Their heart rate and blood pressure go up, they have seizures, out-of-body experiences. Overdoses of ingredients like acetaminophen could cause liver damage. McVoy said parents who would think twice if they saw a marijuana joint in their child’s room, might not think much about seeing cough and cold medication. But they should. There are kids out there doing it, and parents need to be aware, she said.

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  1. kemistudent
    Im sure he will, the poor chap is going to want to go back to that state of mind once he does come around. =(
  2. sands of time
    Ohhhhh so it was the cough medicine all along! Damn the human race for creating such a monsterous substance!!! DAMN THEM ALL!!!!

    Lets see what else we can pin on an intoxicating substance! This article reeks of old reefer madness. Remember how they said marijuana makes youth kill they're parents?

    I was confused by this statement, "products containing dextromethorphan have replaced NyQuil, or other cough syrups with codine, because they don’t need to take as much to feel high." This part makes even less sense than the rest of that article. I think anyone with half a brain that know what DXM is knows why this is just retarted.

    I gotta say, I am not a fan of DXM at all, but this article is so skewed. I feel sorry for all you robo junkies out there.
  3. polloloco001
    i feel somewhat opposite to what a lot of you guys have said. i think its kind of tragic that this kid got stabbed. i know a lot of you will blow it off as an excuse the goverment will use to make dxm illegal or something. dxm's not going to be illegal. the most they will do probably is do the one bottle limit thing like with that one meth precursor. that would probably be good. if you have to be 18 to buy it and you can only get one bottle a day you wont have silly fucking 13 year olds looking to get high on 6 bottles of robitussin and a box or 3 of ccc. i noticed the kid in question did take ccc, bad idea, obviously had not done his research, but it was clearly dxm, and not the other bad ccc shit which indirectly caused the death. dxm can be dangerous. if you take the wrong dose, take it without proper knowledge of the effects, or take it in the wrong setting you may just get fucked. this kid got fucked. a personal friend of mine spent 2 days in the mental hospital coming off a dxm binge. it is a bit propaganda, and i found this sentence quite bothersome:

    <“What happens is these medications have a narcotic-like effect — sort of an LSD high,” McVoy said.> narcotic effect? LSD? high? at the very least a totally fucking uninformed voice. neverthless i enjoyed the article and strongly suggest to anybody on this forum (perhaps a coke snorting NBC executive of sorts) to make this bit into a law and order episode. especially with this wicked corkscrew twist:

    "Now Kreger finds herself in a position she never dreamed she’d be in: defending someone accused of stabbing a man to death.

    It’s an ironic twist, considering her own father was stabbed to death by a woman strung out on drugs in a small town in central Illinois five days after her fifth birthday."

    compelling eh?
  4. fatmanstan
    Acid is not for every brain... only the healthy, happy, wholesome, handsome, hopeful, humorous, high-velocity should seed these experiences. The elitism is totally self-determinated. Unless you are self-confident, self-directed, self-selected, please abstain.
    Timothy Leary

    The same could be said for most other truly mind-bending chemicals. Not everyone should take these types of substances, some people are truly unbalanced. Also, I'm sure this kid wasn't trying to search for universal truth or trying to work through personal problems. I would bet anything that he did it "to get so fucked up, mannnn". Set and Setting!!! Another good reason for education rather than prohibition and prosecution.
  5. Nagognog2
    Give me a flying break! Saying you were drunk when you strangled your wife and kids or etc. has never been a legal defence in the last century in the US of A! Drugs do NOT put an idea or thought or conclusion in your head. If you need a "bracer" before you go and commit murder - it's still your head. It's not alcohol. It's not DXM. It's not LSD. It's YOU baby! Get some help STAT! Don't outlaw the substance the idiot took - get the idiot to a doctor!

    "Yup! Yup! If Joey dwinks coff sywup, Joey is gonna kill us, Helen...let's outwaw coff sywup! Der!! I wonder why Joey had pictures of dat feller Charlie Manson on his bedwoom wall.....? Must be da coff sywup! Yup! Yup!"
  6. raven3davis
    Coricidin is behind the counter at all stores where SWIM lives. Coricidin of all things! They leave robo max there for the true robo trippers to get;) Coricidin is bad though and this is a tragedy, but DXM wont become illegal.
  7. catc818
    Just to set the record straight. Shane Tilley normally took drugs so his use of them was nothing new, he was not a friend of Andy's and actaully disliked Andy. The person who claims she is the mother of Shanes girlfriend surprises us all since he had different girls up to his apartment all the time. I know this because I know both parties and it just pisses me off that Shane killing Andy is being dismissed as his being high. He killed a decent human being and he then stabbed himself to make it look like a suicide. His roommate even knows that Andy and Shane were not buddies, they went to high school the same year and had just became acquainted the few months before Shane murdered Andy. Shanes place was the hangout spot for drinking and crashing overnight but no one really liked him since he was strange acting. That just had to come off my chest. Andy has been dead only 3 weeks and the pain is still strong for us who knew and loved him. Someone from Lincoln Neb.
  8. Alfa
    Many thanks for this explanation. That puts things into perspective. I hope you've sent this to Lori Pilger as well: 473-7237 or [email protected].
  9. robbiedont
    I for one feel that this designer drug the kids are calling " cough mixture " should be made a cat a/1 drug as it is obviously being seriously misused and very dangerous...

    How quickly can the back street labs start knocking out black market benelin?

    What would they cut with it to increase profits?

    And did it sort out his cough ?
  10. Alfa
    It is not a designer drug, but a FDA approved cough medicine. Explain the obvious danger here, because I don't see it. Are you sure you have read all the posts above, before you ansewred?
  11. robbiedont
    /tongue FIRMLY in cheek
  12. Aaron
    This is very unfortunate; both the incident itself and that DXM is being put to blame for this person's actions. It is not unexpected though, and I am sure more stories like this will pop up. I imagine that DXM containing products will end up behind the counter with an age limit attached at some point, and this is probably for the best. However, the point is that doing so is not going to stop things like this from taking place. If it wasn't DXM, it would be alcohol, weed, lsd, crack, or any other drug someone might take before commiting a crime. The ignorance that leads people to believe drugs cause people to commit crimes is pathetic.
  13. highganja99
    SWIM doesn't want to inflict upon himself the wrath of df but SWIM has had one particular prolonged DXM trip that during which he waned to kill or felt murderous for up to four hours, never had it since however, he dosed 400mg then 400mg four hours later then 600mg four hours later on the way to sigma, felt heavily murderous and was thinking up the most horrible ways to kill people, this is totally out of character for him, is this what you call a bad trip? SWIM doesn't know but this is unique to DXM, never felt on psychedelics or other drugs, possibly aggression yes but not pure murderous hate at anything within proximity. Remember DXM was created under MKULTRA scary connection there. SWIM could hypothesize that no glutamate in receptors makes us hungry but because one is primal on the drug one thinks of killing instead, and so on but that's an unfounded concept.
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