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  1. ZenobiaSky
    So let's see it's day 4 that Flossy the cow has been off Meth. Ritalin and Adderall mix just not cutting it. She has no motivation, running fever's off and on, and really wanting a fix bad. She keeps trying to justify that a little bit wouldn't hurt. Especially since she has only had one dose of Methotrexate so far. She is trying to be strong, but it seems harder this time than it has been in the past. Probably because she had to quit, and wasn't mentally ready to. She is extremely scared that she will give in, it would be so easy to do.... fear, an emotion that's hard to fight. A fight she just lost as any good tweaker, you have a stash somewhere. Flossy just found it, and gave in...


  1. knightsmith
    How are you doing now? if you need distracting or a chat, feel free to PM me, a genuine offer of support. Stay strong! I know its easy to say, visit friends/family, distraction works.
  2. ZenobiaSky
    Thank you so much for your support!!!! Flossy is doing better today, the cravings aren't as bad. She did try to score some last night but it fell through, which I believe was a blessing in disguise, it wasn't meant to be.
    All she can do is take it one hour at a time, till she can work up to 1 day at a time. And just to warn you, I may take you up on your offer!!!!
  3. knightsmith
    Hey, these aren't just words, if you want support, you've got it. The reason I am offering PM support, is , distraction is our biggest weapon. I stayed up with a lady from DF all night just to make sure she didnt use. It was by telephone. I chalked that up to a win win. Remember you have the control and can hangup/close the browser anytime. I won't force support on anyone, but i'm good on my word. I hope you';re feeling better now.
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