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  1. buseman
    Police have seized houses, drugs, and cash during a series of raids targeting drug dealers throughout metropolitan and regional WA.
    Almost $1.4 million of assets have been frozen as a result of the weekend raids.

    More than 150 police officers executed 58 search warrants and arrested 18 people, including 3 alleged drug traffickers, as part of operation strike force Katana .

    Officers also uncovered three clandestine drug labs.

    Detective Superintendent Charlie Craver says they have laid 124 charges and expect that number to rise.

    He says a variety of drugs were found including methylamphetamines, cannabis and heroin.
    Detective Superintendent Charlie Carver from the Serious and Organised Crime Division has urged anyone with information about people manufacturing or dealing drugs to tell police.

    The community of WA should have no tolerance for drug dealing in their neighbourhood, not here, not now, not ever, he said.

    These drug dealers profit from the misery they create in the community.

    Drugs destroy families, drugs lead to crime, and ultimately drugs do kill people.



  1. Guttz
    Drug raids lead to home seizures

    WEST Australian police have seized drugs, cash, houses and stolen vehicles in co-ordinated raids across the state over the weekend.

    About 150 officers from 16 units targeted drug dealers throughout Perth and regional WA, serving 58 warrants.

    Police said the operation took three months to plan and led to 124 charges laid against 81 people.

    Three clandestine drug labs were located and $1.3 million worth of assets frozen, including three houses used to grow cannabis and one premises used for the manufacturing of amphetamines.

    More than $70,000 in cash was seized, and stolen vehicles worth $70,000 were recovered.

    Drugs seized included 2.09kg of cannabis, 48 cannabis plants, 26g of methylamphetamine, 2g of heroin, 6g of LSD and 200ml of steroids.

    Under WA's tough confiscation of assets laws, anyone convicted of two or more serious drug offences in 10 years and then convicted of a subsequent offence can be declared a drug trafficker.

    Once declared, all their assets can be seized - whether they are proceeds of crime or not.

    Police said more charges may follow after chemical analysis of seized substances.

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