Steroids make people aggressive (Spiegel TV)

By stoneinfocus · Apr 7, 2008 · Updated Apr 7, 2008 · ·
  1. stoneinfocus
    Swim just saw an report on TV.

    Same old, same old: you see some borderline social splitter group freak, that tells anonymously how it affects him and his aggressions, next clip you see a lab-rat from the anti-doping agency, arguing on the unsterility of underground labs and then, the typical intimidation, on how well the police and control-apparatus functions in oder to arrest these evil dope pushers(what a joke).

    No word spent on clinical studies over one year in humans with 600mg/week testosterone, showing no negative effects and no aggressions , no studies of of pub-med, where aggression is only in one animal-model found within provocation (rabbit) all others remain calm and no such thing being reported or backed-up by any medical paper on stroids use in men.No mentioning of aids-wasting patients trying to get medicine, asthmatics, bone-illnesses and highsocietey hormone-replacement-therapy juppies, averaging the 100+ with best health, epo against fatigue, just blowing it away in max. 2 weeks, growth hormones and anabolics providing better healing and bone-remodelling within serious fractures, so that amputations become obsolete in even sever cases, even hindering hard-to-control infections in the wound, etc. etc ... too boring, perhaps.

    Swim couldn´t even tie his shoes without an self prescribed 2 months high dose testosterone therapy/year, and this is not an exaggeration it´s even underestimation to what it meant to swim being a cripple without it -not to tell about poor pain medication, which doesn´t even do the trick, now that´s gotten better, like steroids do.

    He dropped his systemic corticosteroids for asthma by 20fold(!) with better asthma-control than without anabolic androgenic(aromatizable)steroids, plus a lack of catabolic sides. like weak bones etc .

    He can sleep like an angel and feels overall more stable and -oh wonder- friendly and calmer as it´s as anti-depressive as it´s anti-catabolic and compared to even OTC aspirne

    These are one of the safest medicine-compounds ever, just take a look at the sides and uses and show me any kind of proven-to-be-working on paper in the real wordl meds, like steroids, that have so little sides.

    This is -again- another bad example of how everything went wrong the last 4 decades within media and politics and the avarage middle-class Joe.


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  1. Nature Boy
    Indeed, the average muppet on the street has a very low opinion of anabolic steroids. Reports of "roid rage" are hugely over-exaggerated and their role as a vital medical resource is hugely overlooked. "Roid rage" to steroids is "permanent insanity" to LSD. There are cases but in no way do these reflect the actual widespread patterns of use amongst the entire population.
  2. drab4
    Ah, this is a subject which Swim finds interesting. The mental and emotional effects of androgenic steroid use

    Swim is an occasional steroid user, and has never suffered from "roid rage" himself, although Swim does notice some feelings of short temper and aggression when on the progestins (trenbolone and nandrolone). Swim must note that whilst these feelings are obvious and noticeable, they are also controllable, with willpower. Swim has never gone berserk due to steroid use, far from it!

    This is a previous post which Swim which wrote on another forum some years ago. Please excuse the rudeness of just copy and pasting the post, there may be the occasional sentence which makes little sense without seeing the post I was replying to, but this saves me a bit of typing at this time of the evening! Seriously, no offence is intended


    The phenomenon has been studied, though not heavily (in humans). It seems that there is wide variation in how people are effected

  3. cra$h
    hmm... they always tell you, oh steroids make you short fused, and your balls shrink. I've never been a fan of steroids, but hearing that steroids doesn't make you kill your friend for no reason. but supposedly swim read somewhere that anabolic steroids only add water to your muscle, not actually making you strong, but it was more of a placebo effect by letting you think you can lift more.
  4. 0utrider
    AW: Steroids make people aggressive (Spiegel TV)

    ok swim didn reat the whole thread but to him its a (also self-experienced) fact that steroids, if abused, do cause major agressiv behaviours, if provocated.

    and no, its no placebo, it does work, of course it does. also the big muscles air not just air, these people are actually pretty strong, going above limits of natural possibilites. (otherwise, why would athletes do doping, its just the same as the bodybuilders on the beach who show their muscles)

    and yes, the balls get smaller, its comparable to opiate addiction in some ways, since you give the body the stuff from outside he stops to produce it himself, but as soon as you stop doing that, the body pretty soon adapts and starts producing hormones etc again.
  5. Nature Boy
    Opiate addiction makes your balls shrink? I'm not so sure about that. A bit of sagging maybe.
  6. 0utrider
    AW: Steroids make people aggressive (Spiegel TV)

    haha no thats not what SWIm intented to say. testosterone does, because the body stops producing it itself.
    the same with opioids, but in the brain. your body recuced its natural production of endo-opiates (or whatever that is called) cuz you give it to him, so he body doesnt need to create it anymore, in both cases though it takes some time, after stoppng, for the body to get back to a balanced production of hormones/neurotransmitters
  7. stoneinfocus
    the point is, it´s so many different steroisds on the market and swim feel very lucky and relaxed with a steroid that´s said to cuase major aggression, but this is not the case with this steroid, nor with testosterone.

    You feel a psychological sensation, no doubt and might make you aggressive in a positive or a negative sense, but it´s controllable, as said before.

    If swim took methansrostenolone and stanozolol he´d be very powerful and positivly aggressive, more into training and as a result more satisfied and relaxed and lucky, he looks very proper and healthy/relaxed on it, not bulky as he´s more a runner than a bulker.

    You just react stronger to the outside in a positive and a negative way, in fact this is good, as swim always were someonoe who took to much from others and he´s goten a whole new and deeper emotional
    sate of being he found on himslef while being on it.

    And there´s no doubt, that many people are forced to take way too much by the unjustice created by society, like liberty, education, moey-issues, pressure from executives.

    And there´s a reason, why e.g trenbolone is the best on paper but not intended for human use, although nandrolone is potentially dangerous and nearly the only anabolic given to men in medical practice(besides low dose testosteronen, if deficient), so logic and progress reversed, again.. and again and again...

    who wants communist´s-steroids anyway.. ;P

    If they´d work it out, a steroid for anyone could be found and given.. testosterone makes you aggressive? -try methenolone, provirone, growth-hormones (nil aggressions with this one), oxandrolone, oxymetholone, HCG, combinations of anti-estrogens.

    It´s said by Harvard that´s the estrogens, created via Aromatase were the reson for aggressions during testosterone therapy and in fact some estrogens creted by 17a alkylated steroids are way more potent than naturla estrogens.. imagine a 200lbs muscle-stud getting his periods 24/7 every half an hour *g*
  8. cra$h
    hhmmm.... pretty hot topic. i love seeing both sides of the story, if they're both educated in the topic, especially if swim doesnt have experience of his own.
  9. entheogensmurf
    Do people who become decently muscle bound without steroids have fits of a quicker temper or at least does it happen enough to notice that some fall into this roll?

    Does the probable boost of well-being, feeling more appealing/attractive/confidence from significant muscle gain itself contribute to people being a bit more quick to temper or being cocky?

    I bike too much and keep muscle mass below levels that reach anywhere close to a muscle bound beefcake, so from personal experience I've not felt the power of mass that requires excessive caloric intake (you eat more whilst biking but you are not putting on the same mass a body builder type would).

    It seems that we may notice the muscle heavy assholes more than skinny and weak (compared to an average person) jerkoffs.

    Most people find little annoying dogs that nibble and harass cute in some ways but if you drop those same attributes on a larger dog then it's inappropriate or perhaps even dangerous. The difference here is that we can take a skinny human and turn them into a big dog, in some cases. Then factor in the horrible ways we treat each other; which most people bottle up/repress their distress -- Then drop on that huge bulk gain which elevates them (in their mind) to now become the bully and enact judgment on others as they were treated (triggering a quick temper in some) -- a vicious cycle if you will.
  10. stoneinfocus
    Much psychology applied in here, but one might also find, that the beef-cakes are more relaxed, as they´re -due t their muscel mass and hard work- feeling a kind of invicibility and others are appreciating this, even by not appreciating it.

    I´d say beefcakes are more relaxed and steroid users as well, just more tempered in whatever they´re just doing, may this be training or being relaxed, or standing for their rights or their opinions, assholes are to be found in any population, as well as mistreated, enraged desparates.
  11. Pondlife
    I think I get the gist of your post, but you've lost me on the detail. For example, what does "others are appreciating this, even by not appreciating it" mean?

    I think a little more explanation, and perhaps some re-wording, would help me understand your post better.
  12. stoneinfocus
    I refer to the peolpe seeing the muscles and the work behind it and are holding back with inappropiate or demeaning statements, they´d otherwise make to a skinny weak looking jerk-off.

    And mostly they just say something like they didn´t like that much muscles (for they don´t find the courage anymore, treating this guy like the average jerk-off), and are just greedy on these muscles and the work spent on them, which again will be totally allright for the beef-cake.
  13. Rehab Quitter
    personally i dont know much about the types of steroids as most but i have witnessed the higher aggession rate in uses a few times imo if i am to belive what some of you are saying about not being aggressive then to me it comes down to the personal insecurities and issue the user has before taking them as every action is fueled by motive and if using steroids is a means to and end of a personal issue them when this is issue is treated it will have an adverse effect as to being (lets say skinny and getting grief)submissive in confrontations then by giving the user more confidence and allowing him to get in to it and scrapping it out when he would never of before however imo when this confidence level has been reached the user feels they are some what elite to there old self and transgress in to bieng more assertive and dominant to the extent where they start to victamise people as they now can its like someone being given power they never had.

    i dont know how relevent this is but it makes sense to me studys show that kids who are physically abused grow up and abuse others them self be cause they can it could be argued that its all they know but my responce to that would be if user that had being getting grief was acustomed to it even if it wasnt from an early age and now is that some what self proclaimed alfa male now liking the power they now feel they have and now the tables have turned to they point where it do on to other before they do on to you caused by the original issue

    jmo i dont know if it makes sence or complete bull shit just thought i would try to explain it to see if any 1 else can relate
  14. bcubed
    Maybe it isn't: "steriods make people aggressive"; maybe it's "steroids make people stronger, which makes them more (outwardly) aggressive." As in, people who wouldn't want to make a scene (for fear they'd get their butt whupped) now become stronger, and are willing to use that strength to intimidate.

    Similar to the example of a petite person getting behind the wheel of an SUV and becoming more aggressive with a size advantage.
  15. beentheredonethatagain
    what about that pro wrestler who aced his whole family and then aced himself? that mutherfucker had "roid rage" and went off.

    this is a real problem.
  16. stoneinfocus
    Aggressiveness is not something negative, it´s very positive, if it´s channeld into the right direction. It´s a misnomere in these days, now that only state-executives may be aggressive in tasering people or make wars.

    If you´re aggressive, because other people are constantly hindering your activities, but then are holding back, when you´ve grown big under steroids and work, you´ll be more evened-out, fristly, by the social setting, thus created by steroid-use(and your appearance) and -secondly, by being able to channel your gained energies into your activities, now with a multitude of power and not getting lost and exhausted by fighting jerks and their attacks. -this is very positive.

    To beenthere: What about El-Kaida (Probaly US- and any other troops, too in secrecy) cutting-off heads before the camery? Steroids? Given a big enough populatuion, all phenomena will happen and the true underlying causes can be hardly condensed to just one cause, the bigger the popualtion is.

    As an argument against it -how often does this happen in the whole pro-sports scene worldwide(they´re all on steroids or something)?
  17. Rehab Quitter
    alls given but there still mass majority taking them and causing shit its the fate of anything worth while that give anything a bad presentation to the mainstream i will not deny theres great benefit if focused however this is not a case the stigma is attached

    i dont know of many people in my widend circle that does not take them to the correct purpose it ranges for size anxietys to cage fighting or genrally to be jack the lad friday fighting
  18. stoneinfocus
    Wow, I´m not in the position to complain, but ever heard of punctuation?

    There were times, not too long ago, when no-one cared, what someone took, it was selfexplaining and a given, that an athlete would be on coke, strychnine or testosterone, or whatever you could think of what possibly could be the best to achieve in his sports and they were heroes.

    I really don´t know, when it came up, that this was suddenly being stigmatized, I think it began with one world record, when an athlete admitted before the camera, that his doc did a great job with the new kind of blood infusions and the death of Tom Simpson in 68 or 69(?) on the Mt. Ventoux due to one bottle of scotch, heat in combination with amphetamines, when the christians and conservatives joined in, together with the media, to tell us how we have to live and die.

    Plus, today, you´re being looked at for working out hard an looking good and having a more than the avarage power-output, a recognized talent and skills, because, whilst they were spending millions of euros/dollars in the last decades for the "get lean during sleep" -pill and aroma therapy, homoeopathy and lean-cuisine cooking books fror clogging up their trash-can, so, then you come along, which actually works like hell for you, on a subject that you already worked out like hell, they will hate you, make you an outlaw, just because they won´t self-admitting, that they have been mislead and are being sold on their lazyness and naivity.
  19. entheogensmurf

    For one, they would need to actually prove it was solely steroids or at least a good guess of 60%+ contribution to his insanity.

    And what about the mass of beefcakes who are using steroids and don't ace his family off and then kills himself?

    I still see this problem rooting more into psychological aspects -- per chance a genetic role will be found but I need to see the data first.
  20. ihavequestions

    well for one, benoit (the wrestlers name) was proven to be given a rediculousely massive dose of steroids. the doctor who prescribed this to him is under investigation because there is evidence that he also overprescribed too high of doses to people. i think he gave benoit a 3 months worth of steroids to use up in 10 weeks.

    on another note what about the other effects of steroids? what concerns swim isnt the "roid rage". its the liver and kidney problems and they are also said to be a direct cause of heart disease, liver cancers, and brain cancers as well as some other problems.

    but are all these things even true? or is it propoganda. in the same article, it said that up to 7 % of high schoolers had done steroids. and if this statistic is true he would think that with all these side effects of steroids then it would be much more apparent that they were dangerous. but the athletes, the body builders, and the high school jocks all seem to be alive and kicking.

    so what gives? are the effects i mentioned true, or misconstrued?
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