still clean and kicking

By jessilee · Mar 10, 2014 ·
  1. jessilee
    Wow... long day.. last day at the station. It had been 3 weeks since I had talked to Kay when she finally called. Tons of excuses. But im tired and wont get into that.

    She tried to offer to find d me stuff... wow... so hard to turn down. But I did. I dont know if it was my anger at her abandoning me. My happiness with staying sober and not wanting to screw it up, Her dumb excuses, or a me wanting to use and me getting a sick feeling she has been "away" this she time and now she is a narc.. any of those reasons gave me the most sickest gut feeling I have ever had. I quickly said "no" but I battled with it in my head. Part of me wanted to say yes just to have her back in my life... :(

    Im doing well... short blog. Just a quick update. So tired. Hope you are all well. ♡♥

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