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  1. Cattle-n-HorseRancher
    The smell of honeysuckle is everywhere. Their in bloom now and the mockingbirds call to one another as I sit on the porch this night.
    An owl is perched on the ponderosa pine tree and sometime I leave him out fresh cut meat near by. Maybe that is what he is waiting on. Shiloh my timberwolf is in full wolf mode his eyes scanning the darkness for any movement yet he won't leave my side.
    And me...I am so lonely sometimes it is unbearable.
    I have a son who is in his late 20s but he never comes home and rarely calls. He's always busy doing something in the big city, a whole world apart from this speck of mountain. I miss him though and our long talks we would have when everyone was asleep. Funny how things change when we get older and leave home and discover a whole different world. He went to college and got educated and now we are just dust under his feet. I pray he still carries a good kind heart that I tried to teach him over the years.
    Hubby says to him on the phone you should call your Mother more often, but he doesn't hear and whats it all gonna matter in a hundred years anyway? I believe all of us are so busy trying to get thru one day at a time and surviving this crazy world that we loose sight of matters of the heart.
    This world is ugly. For the most part. All the wars, the hungry and brokenhearted so I try to make this place as beautiful as I can. I don't watch the news anymore, used to drive me to the point of tears, the natural disasters are horrible when people suffer. Had to stop watching it all. Hubby took the tv out of the house many years ago and we don't want one in the house and don't miss it.
    In the process of finishing the cabin on the north ridge and I plan on spending alot of time there and maybe just moving in it altogether eventually. I spend most of my free time in the forest may as well have permanent shelter. Our property is over 800 acres so I have plenty room to roam about. Thinking on getting a baby black bear cub next year in late winter. They are the cutest things. Enclosed is a picture of a couple of my ponies near the south ridge. Keep smiling and do the best you can do dear ones. Maw on the mountain


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