Stressed housewives turn to cocaine abuse

By chillinwill · Nov 2, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    COCAINE use in Queensland has filtered down from the socialites to suburbia, with a new report showing "stressed-out housewives" in some of the southeast's more affluent suburbs have become regular users.

    Ahead of the release of new findings from the Crime and Misconduct Commission on illicit drugs, intelligence director Chris Keen confirmed that cocaine use in Queensland "is more prevalent over a wider range of demographics".

    A police source also told The Sunday Mail: "More people are using it, but the more affluent can afford to use it more often."

    The police source said cocaine is no longer a wealthy socialite's drug and is widely embraced across the population.

    He said it currently costs $350 for a gram of cocaine as opposed to ecstasy, which costs about $40 a tablet.

    The latest data adds fuel to the reports that the over-stretched well-heeled middle classes are turning to the stimulant to "power them up" over hectic weekends. "Sadly there is less stigma now associated with drug-taking," Mr Keen said. "Recreational drug use has become very normalised.

    "Cocaine is no longer reserved for millionaires and rock stars."

    Drug Arm counsellor Richard Norman said it was no surprise that cocaine is becoming more accepted in the suburbs.

    "I could see how stressed-out, middle-class housewives would single out cocaine to help them perform better at work, look after a family and house and still have the energy to party," he said.

    "While cocaine is expensive, it is not out of reach for the middle classes with two incomes."

    Last week authorities claimed to have smashed a big cocaine trafficking syndicate on the Gold Coast.

    The 13-month investigation highlights how the insidious white powder has become ingrained in the southeast corner.

    Police also told The Sunday Mail raids on drug dealers who supply the southeast area are increasingly being found with a variety of illicit drugs.

    "Raids on some dealers who supply nightclubs, for instance, show they have cannabis, ice, coke (cocaine), ecstasy and fantasy," the police officer said.

    "They are like commodities brokers."

    Figures from the 2007 National Drug Strategy Household Survey showed that cocaine use doubled between 2004 and 2007 and the new CMC figures look set to reveal further rises

    Jackie Sinnerton and Paula Doneman
    October 31, 2009
    Courier Mail,23739,26286123-952,00.html

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  1. kailey_elise
    Are you fucking KIDDING ME?!!

    I know price discussion is a no-no, but could someone from Australia confirm or deny this, that the price of cocaine is up in that area? Just a "article's not far off the mark" or "I dunno who they talked to, but they're getting royally ripped off!" type of answer would be fine. Heh heh heh.

    Unbelievable. That better be some pure as hell cocaine for that price! *ROFLMAO*

  2. Sniffin Sunshine
    haha swim was thinking the same thing theres NO WAY cocaine could cost that much! maybe they meant an oz not a gram? heh i know price discussion is against the rules but swim too would like to hear someone confirm or deny this

    and on the topic of the article, it makes perfect sense that housewives would be doing cocaine. thats a high stress job- would be the perfect thing to keep one going
  3. Laszlo1
    is swim dumb/outta da loop? what is "fantasy" this swimmer has never heard of that ever...
  4. Coconut
    I have one very important question: are they attractive? Women on stimulants...

    Excuse me, I need to book a flight to Australia.
  5. lofty
    I did an exchange rate of aus dollars to pounds before finishing reading the article, and was gobsmacked, I wouldn't care what the purity for that price.

    A friend of mine who moved to Sydney many years a go did say coacaine was a high price and very hard to get hold off.
  6. Combination
    The price is not really that strange considering the location of australia and its harsh druglaws :)
  7. dyingtomorrow
    I see others were just as perplexed with the price as SWIM ... it's like, more economical for them to fly to another country to do it. For SWIM, the joy of cocaine doesn't come anywhere NEAR $350 a gram ... he's surprised that people would actually bother doing it there.
  8. kailey_elise
    One can understand a "high price", but that's just insanity!
  9. Calisno
    SWIM has a friend from Australia and this information is accurate. A gram (not an ounce, it was not a typo) typically costs 8-10x what it does in the US. This seems to be due mostly to Australia's distance from main sources of cocaine - the more boats/planes something has to be snuck onto, the higher the price goes to make the risks worth it.
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