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  1. torachi
    15611.jpg A 19-year-old Elon University student was charged Tuesday with several drug offenses, including possession of LSD, after Elon police served a search warrant at his apartment on East Haggard Avenue.

    Authorities searched the Oak Hill Apartment of Jacob Abraham Lang, 19, of W. 94th St., New York, on Tuesday and allegedly found LSD, 2 grams of marijuana, digital scales, bongs, rolling paper, grinders, smoking pipes and plastic bins with different names of marijuana on them, according to warrants.

    Lang was charged with possession of LSD, maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance, possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana, possession of marijuana up to half an ounce and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    Lang was placed in Alamance County jail under $30,000 bond.



  1. John234
    Hmm, haven't seen real LSD since 1999/
  2. torachi
    I've always found it pretty sad that the reason they call it LSD is either lack of effort on the reporter, or the person caught is pleading guilty to possession of LSD for a lesser charge, when if they simply insisted that they didn't know exactly what substance it was, it could come back an uncontrolled research chemical. Of course, most of the time they probably have no idea it might not be real.

    Very doubtful all the charges for possession of LSD are usually real LSD.
  3. dabullsef
    If I was caught with an something that wasn't LSD and I didn't know whether or not it was, you best believe I'd tell them I don't know what the hell it is and to test it, most likely it won't be real LSD. These stories amaze me sometimes that people don't stick up for themselves because they're scared.
  4. rawbeer
    maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance

    I've never heard of this and it sounds weird, although I don't doubt that it's a crime. But it sounds almost anthropomorphic, like "aiding and abbeting a controlled substance." As if LSD is some fugitive chemical and this guy gave it a home. He was just renting that place, and keeping it clean, cause LSD and weed needed a place to crash.

    A band I like called Granddaddy has a line "at least the cops don't come in / spare us their legal poems". As ridiculous as this crime sounds it is almost poetic.
  5. eqt146
    It probably was LSD. I see the stuff pretty frequently, actually. If it's on a blotter then it has to be either LSD, a DOx compound or Bromo Dragonfly. DOx is extremely bitter and Bromo dfly makes you trip for several days. I've had plenty of blotters that were not bitter and made me trip for ~8 hours. LSD still exists and is still somewhat common.
  6. Terrapinzflyer
    Anyone know if the picture is a stock photo or the seized sheets? They are upside down in the photo- but thats a design from 1983 commonly called "Jerry Garcia on mushrooms"
  7. John234
    Thats a common charge here in NC. Anytime you even allow the use of a drug in your home you can get this charge, but it is often given to the owner of the house when they do a drug raid.
  8. EscapeDummy
    Swim is pretty young, but he's never NOT encountered LSD when he's looked for it. That is to say, every time he's taken acid it's always had the typical LSD profile, most importantly the ~8-10hr trip.
  9. John234
    Do you mean DOC 2,5-dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamine?

    While DOC is somewhat rare but gaining speed LSD has been hiding down it's rabbit hole for over 10 years now. It's not worth the trouble and risk to make when there is so many others to explore.

    Just because someone sells you LSD doesn't mean it's LSD. I wouldn't believe it unless a scientist told me. Thats what you tell kids who want to try LSD and sell them a psychedelic RC. They will never know the difference. To them, LSD is the only drug that creates that experience. Plus it's hard to sell things with names like 2,5-dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamine ;)
  10. John234
    I'm not saying it's not impossible that there are a few rouge chemists out there making the stuff, I know there are a few. But 99.999999% of "LSD" is not the original chemical, it's just called that because the name sells and people are comforted by it. There are thousands of chemicals that mimic the properties of LSD.

    Also, the student still hasn't been accused. They will most certainly throw out the LSD charge or use it as leverage for a plea. No way will he get sentenced for an LSD charge!!! It just doesn't happen anymore. The 90's are over guys, do your "research" ;)
  11. C11H15
    i simply enjoy the fact that you can be charged with 'possession of drug paraphernalia.'
    you really need to start with changing that law.
  12. Terrapinzflyer
    Would you care to back this claim up? Seizures and the resultant lab tests as reported in the DEA's own Microgram journal/bulletein, as well as independent testing by labs in a number of countries that allow users to submit samples would seem to indicate LSD is alive and well in the world.

    Certainly the instance of DOx compounds as well as others being passed off as LSD has risen with the availability of the chemicals and the pre-perfed blotter available to anyone with an internet connection, but to claim it has vastly supplanted LSD is not born out by the facts.

    And I would challenge the "Thousands of chemicals that mimic... LSD" claim as well- I can't really think of any that would fool an experienced user and can count on one hand those that ~might~ fool a less experienced user, maybe both hands with a finger or two left over that would fool a virgin user.
  13. CaptainTripps
    Something has clearly happened to LSD from the stuff sold in the 60's and 70' and the stuff that is sold now. Anybody with any real experience during these time frames can attest to this. It is more than the fact that it is not as strong.

    It is easy to suggest that it is research chemicals or such, that are simply similar to LSD. But a much more likely explaination has to due with precursors. It used to be that the basic chemicals needed to make LSD were fairly easy to get. So the product made took fewer steps to make than it does now. The more steps it takes the less "clean" the end product is likely to be. The byproducts that are left in the final product can effect the type of experience one gets from the product.

    Even back in "the day", some acid was "cleaner" than other acid. Some acid was very speedy with very little visual effects. Swim once took some windowpane that had almost no body high, but very nice visuals. There were batches of acid that were not all that strong, but tended to make people feel nervous and uneasy, so unfortunatly, a higher percentage of bad trips. Anyone who every heard the Woodstock album knows about the bad "brown acid" that was circulating.

    Even if the product is not exactly LSD, but something close. Under current drug laws, it is probably close enough for "goverenment work". That is not to say that someone should not have any product they are caught with tested. I knew of a case in the 70's where someone was caught with seveal "jars" of shitty criss cross speed. Turns out it was shitty because it was caffeine. Of course now many jurisdictions have laws regarding imitation controlled substances and lets not forget conspiracy laws.

    I actually don't have any idea what different people in different places are getting. I am just offering a different explaination.
  14. EscapeDummy
    Sure the 90s are over... what does that have to do with it? Yeah, there have been several big LSD lab busts, still though many others are producing it... perhaps as you get older (your profile says 29) it becomes more difficult to get legitimate connects. Well, that's not always true, because there are plenty of older users of this forum who can acquire the real deal... it's more of a factor of setting. It may be more difficult to acquire the chemical when the people you associate with are generally late 20 - 30 somethings who are focused on their job/family/whatever, rather than a bunch of college kids trying to experiment.

    I assure you, if you come to a hippie-ish college town, or go to SF/other parts of CA/Oregon/Washington, you'll be able to find legitimate LSD. I had a friend who told me I wasn't getting "real" MDMA, because that disappeared in the late 80s and then became even harder to find in the 90s, and was equally certain I wasn't getting real LSD.

    Now, since I never submitted the chemicals for testing, of course, I cannot be sure. But after multiple experiences with both, all of subjectively fit their respective effect profiles, such as (general lack of) side effects, come up time, total duration, etc (except once or twice when the E pill clearly contained some type of piperazine), swim is pretty sure he is acquiring the real substance most of the time. Oh, and except for the rare piperazines, swim's pills have tested positive for MDxx. The feds also continue to seize real LSD, as others have pointed out; I urge you to reconsider your point of view.
  15. rawbeer
    Something has clearly happened to LSD from the stuff sold in the 60's and 70' and the stuff that is sold now. Anybody with any real experience during these time frames can attest to this. It is more than the fact that it is not as strong.

    Or go to Erowid and look under LSD writings and articles for "LSD Purity"

    This article disagrees, and offers pretty good experiential evidence. I've heard other older people say this about LSD, that it was better back in the day, and who am I to disagree? I'm only 30.

    But a lot of older LSD users say this just isn't true. Sure quality varies, that seems hard to dispute. But it also seems possible that a lot of other factors contribute to the way the drug hits you. It is worth noting that many people have said that LSD feels like a different drug depending on the dose.

    Anyway the article is very interesting and basically says that Sandoz LSD is indistinguishable from street acid, for those who don't care to follow the link. Sure RC's get substituted but since the 90's I've been hearing people say "real acid doesn't exist anymore." Maybe it's because the old blotters were roughly equal to modern 10-strips?

    Who knows.
  16. torachi
    I think a lot of the confusion is in that back in the day there weren't as many things acid could be other than LSD.

    Of course LSD is still around, there's just a lot more other things to replace it now than there were decades ago.
  17. Terrapinzflyer
    this is all going wildly off-topic for this thread.

    Suffice to say- despite ups and downs LSD is alive and well, and despite the bust of arguable the best surviving chemist (Pickard/kansas missile silo bust/november2000) there are still several top notch chemists operating in the US alone. The biggest change has occurred on the distribution side, and the american culture itself.

    I'm sure there is a relevant thread in the LSD forum to continue this conversation... let's leave this thread for the original topic....
  18. xiaobendan
    LSD is alive and well in Europe.

    There is a wonderful place called eastern Europe where many trained chemist can't find legit work.

    AFOAF couldn't get LSD in Dublin from 1995-2005. He was too young to try it before then and searched for it for years until the massive influx of Poles into Ireland in 2003-2005. Those wonderful people brought amazing connections and sources for an array of substances.

    Anyway, Hoffman blotters, smooth body buzz, highly visual with none of this speedy, jawish experience I hear American's complain that LSD causes. Those guys were either not getting LSD or were getting a shitty product.

    All the LSD AFOAF has done has been clean no hangover pure bliss. Standard 8-10 hour trip but longer if he kept dosing of course.

    For the old timers,yeah LSD was stronger in the 70's and that, because well the doses were way higher in the blotters back then. A lot of recreational users prefer lower more manageable doses now, it sells better. High dose blotters scare newbies off which is not good for business.

    Do you know a trick? Double or triple your dose and you'll get there pal!

    LSD still lives! Believe it my friends! Seek and you shall find!.....
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