Student died in pub crawl drink 'challenge'

By Silentscream · Feb 27, 2008 · ·
  1. Silentscream

    Alcohol overdose anyone?

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  1. Metomni
    SWIM heard about this happening at Rice, too. SWIM thinks these drinking challenges and games are just silly, responsible drug use applies to legal drugs too, or maybe the idea that alcohol isn't a drug is just the prevailing thought among our society.
  2. jayjohnson81
    Darwin wins!

    I never got the whole drinking game shit... I can get wasted just fine by my own will power!

    If you read this - drink 2 shots!
  3. Orchid_Suspiria
    If only they had chose a cannabis challenge instead.
  4. truth
    haha. i feel bad laughing... but its so true.
  5. searchfunction
    Good job his family won't read this through this see disrespectful comments like "Darwin wins!".
  6. enquirewithin
    Perhaps those who egged him on to kill himself should be charged with manslaughter?
  7. Orchid_Suspiria
    I certainly wouldn't disrespect this unfortunate person or his family.My comment was to show disgust at alcohol and "alcohol culture".
  8. I<3Salvia
    Yet another "FATAL" attempt at getting some friends. The stuff people have to do to get accepted/respect in this world. It seriously saddens swim. :(
  9. MrG
    HAHAHAAHAH! Nice one.

    Although it wasn't the pint of green shit that did for him, as the report said he simply hurled that one back up again!

    Can you imagine the national outcry if this had been about Drugs(tm) instead?

    After all, alcohol's a drink, not a drug.
  10. EndThisDisgustingDystopia
    SWIM says sit at home and smoke rather than hang out with people who want to kill you just to join the golf club. lol??
  11. Smokey420
    alcohol, the legal way to kill someone, have sex with someone without their sober approval, etc

    great drug, especailly that its legal, too
    hey why not play the chug diph and robo pills game, i'll put a funnel over your mouth and pour as much pills as i can, if you fail to down them for atleast 30 seconds you have to take another 4 diph as a penalty...

    ofcourse, if anyone was playing a game like that they would be arrested for manslaughter if the person died, no? but with alcohol its completely fine, just like it's completely fine to smoke cigarettes but god forbid you smoke some weed if you'll get a $150 fine for choosing something better for your lungs and mentality
  12. chinpokomaster
    Just as I started reading, those exact 2 words came into my head.

    I think alcoholics should be called alcohol addicts and smokers should be called nicotine addicts, too.
  13. blackbastard
    my thoughts exactly. what a waste of life. but, hey think of all the money the british government made from the tax on the drink he bought.
  14. Pretend_you_dont_see_Her
    Fixed. I've always thought it was the best way to go.
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