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Student high on mephedrone ("meow meow") cuts off his own PENIS, stabs mother

  1. Rob Cypher
    A deranged student cut off his own penis with a knife while apparently high on party drug meow meow.

    The spaced-out teenager, 19, mutilated himself after stabbing his mother at their home, it was claimed yesterday.

    Police raced to the scene after the injured 46-year-old woman called 999. Once there, they found her son hanging out of a bedroom window with blood pouring from his wounds.

    Both were rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries in the early hours of December 29. Yesterday the mother was said to be in a stable condition at the Royal Sussex County hospital in Brighton.

    The young man was also stable at University College London hospital, where surgeons are thought to have successfully sewn his penis back on.

    It is thought he took mephedrone shortly before the incident.

    A source close to the family from Haywards Heath, West Sussex, said of the teenager: “He is normally a lovely lad and very bright. But unfortunately, he had started dabbling in drugs.

    “He had come home from university for Christmas. It looks like he took mephedrone and completely flipped out attacking his mum and then himself.

    “When the police arrived they found him hanging from a window and then discovered he had cut off his penis.”

    Sussex Police were yesterday probing an allegation of assault on the mum. Det Insp David Springett said: “At this stage we are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident.”

    Euan Stretch
    Daily Mirror
    January 10, 2014



  1. tidruid
  2. Alien Sex Fiend
    Will you please stop calling research chemical that!

    thats exactly what DF fighting against: misinformation
  3. mcmxciii
    Sounds like a bunch of BS. Could be very real, but this sounds like one of those "bath salt" horror stories that the media uses to scare people away from trying these research chemicals. I'd like to see this story from multiple sources so I can confirm that it's legitimate. Interesting though... regardless, mephedrone, MDPV, "bath salt," is nothing to fuck with. Shit is stupid and anyone who does it is a complete cluck. Stay away from the RC's kids.
  4. Basoodler
    I thought "meow meow" was soooo. 2010.. Did it earn a place on the UK black market? Or is "meow meow" a catch all for this months flavor of cathinone?

    The mass media are becoming fairly consistent with the "cut off your own penis while high onxdd (insert drug name)" stories. Normally they reserve this story line for an annual datura or PCP scare
    Although normally they
  5. Ubercheese
    don't believe this for one second especially from the mirror. I remember when the metro published a similar story about a man that ripped off his own scrotum when on mephedrone. turns out the source was a random internet forum and it was bull-shit funnily enough
  6. Rob Cypher
    From the UK stories I've seen, it's managed to somehow gain a place on the black market even after it was banned. Quite a few of their drug test kits actively look for mephedrone these days.
  7. SIR KIT
    Anybody remember the 2003 "datura incident"? Where the student supposedly cut off his own penis AND tounge? Nobody has been able to confirm that story as far as my research tells me, now i'm wondering if this story is true or not.
  8. mcmxciii
    LOL! SIR KIT.... Most stories of this type are never confirmed... And for obvious reasons... even in the throws of a heavy psychedelic trip, even in the darkest, scariest confines of the last days of a month long crack binge, even in the near psychotic, chaotic state of someone hopped up on MDPV, mephedrone... "bath salt" (why do people say 'bath salts'...? is there some multiple of salt that I've never been aware of before? it's bath salt...) PEOPLE SIMPLY DON'T DO STUFF LIKE THIS. IT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN. At least not to anyone I've heard of or known. Am I saying that an event like this has NEVER occurred? Of course not. I'm sure somewhere someone has been ridiculously too high, cut off his own dick, stabbed his mother in the chest forty-six times, then raped his household cat, then broke into a nuclear power plant and gained super powers. LOL but seriously... does stuff like this EVER happen? Sure, in very, very, very, very rare cases, yea it's very possible.

    But the media would love you to believe that this is simply the norm when doing bath salt. I mean no one is safe, we're all simply powerless over the urge to mutilate our own genitalia when we do bath salt, right? Wrong. In reality, in the very, very, very very rare cases where stuff like this does happen, I'm willing to bet large amounts of cold, hard cash that someone like this was already secretly mentally unstable and more than likely unfit to be fucking around with unknown, powerful psychoactive substance like MDPV or mephedrone.

    There was a kid in my area... he was heavy into the shit. I guess they used to snort it, smoke it in blunts with weed. They were doing whatever to get their fix on this shit. Keep in mind this was when MDPV was still widely, and legally, available at pretty much any head shop you walked into. Some kid actually did freak the fuck out and start cutting himself (I know this story is legitimate if someone is that interested in it I'll find the link), and I guess he ventured out into the street half naked, waving a knife around and screaming at passersby and whatnot. Turns out, certainly not to my surprise, that the kid was a diagnosed schizophrenic and was also said to have some severe mood disorder, not very dissimilar to someone who suffers from bipolar depression.

    At the end of the day, whether or not these stories are true is really beside the point in my opinion. The moral of the goddam story, know your mind, know your setting, know others, know yourself before you start fucking around with heavy duty drugs. I mean, you want to smoke some pot on the weekends with your buddies.... down a few beers with some friends after class... even experiment with a little MDMA (GRANTED YOU TESTED YOUR PRODUCT WITH THE APPROPRIATE DRUG IDENTIFICATION KITS) now and again before a rave or an EDM show, do what you gotta do. But unless you TRULY know your mind ... unless you truly know your body's limits when it comes to psychoactive substances, don't fuck with any of the hard shit.

    Heroin, coke, bath salt, meth... all the shit like that is the big leagues. I'm not gonna say that anyone in particular can or can't handle their shit, just really know what the fuck you're doing before you get into shit like that. Because there's always these fuckin idiot little kids out there, who, by the direct order from their psychiatrist, psychologist, etc. are told that because of their natural mental state, they should not be experimenting with drugs. They're told that they cannot predict how their already unstable mind will react to certain substances. And that's where you get these kids experiencing this so-called "excited delirium" that the media was ranting and raving about for a while there. These fuckin idiots know they shouldn't be fucking around with this bullshit yet they go around shoving some unknown white powder up their nose like it's no big deal. And I'm sorry, at that point you deserve exactly whatever it is that happens to you.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful people! But I'm not trying to preach to anyone... I know most of us seem to be fairly intelligent here at DF. But at least if you've read this you can never say that no one ever warned you
  9. MikePatton
    I've been on Mephedrone many many times, never cut off my own penis... Also I actually read alot more alcohol related "cut off his own penis"articles than those with illicit drugs... So it's very unfortunate, but then again - it's very fuckingf rare, and not grounds for demonization of any specific substance or its users.
  10. drugexperam
    I would rather be dead than have no Ancona!!
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