Student suspended for sharing caffeine gum

By Nagognog2 · May 28, 2006 · ·
  1. Nagognog2
    Student suspended for sharing caffeine gum
    May 27, 2006

    LOWER BURRELL, Pa. --A middle school student was suspended for three days for sharing chewing gum because it contained caffeine, school officials said.

    | Breaking News Alerts The girl, whose name and age were not released, gave another Huston Middle School student Jolt gum. The gum is "a stimulant that has no other redeeming quality," said Amy Palermo, schools superintendent.

    Products acting as a stimulant are prohibited and possessing them is grounds for disciplinary action, and the suspension was mainly based on the girl's decision to share the gum, she said.

    "What if the gum had been given to a student with a heart condition?" Palermo said Thursday.

    The school has soda machines, but they aren't turned on during school hours and drinks containing caffeine aren't sold in the lunchroom.

    Jolt is manufactured by GumRunners LLC of Hackensack, N.J., and is marketed as a caffeine-energy gum.

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  1. radiometer
    This is utterly retarded. Betcha they've got plenty of coffee in the teachers' lounge..
  2. Alfa
    OK, what's the story with LOWER BURRELL, Pa?
  3. BlueMystic
    This is one of the lamest things that I have ever heard.

    LOWER BURRELL, Pa. sounds a little too puritanical for my taste.
  4. AntiAimer
    So they have soda machines, but dont sell caffeine containing products in the lunch room? Does this mean they still sell sodas, meaning any kid could buy one? Just not in the lunchroom?

    This really makes no sense. Wonder if they sell chocolate or suspend kids for eating it or giveing it to there friends. Halloween must have gotten alot of kids vaction time. The principle there must be on drugs.
    Soooo, any food or anything that contains sugar. So even if the soda machines dont sell caffeine products, anything thats in it should violate this rule going by what was stated.

    Sounds like somebody needs to do there research and rethink there rules. This is extremely unjust, things like this can make people sue. Another flawed system made by a retard.
  5. darawk
    It's stories like these that make genocide look awesome. Let's just devise a simple questoinairre, force everyone in the world to go through it, and kill everyone who fails. People like this do not deserve to live.
  6. Nature Boy
    Suspension was a bit harsh. They could have at least just banned the gum as a safety measure, no need to punish an individual to make an example. Do they think they're a court of law or something?
    My god. I thought this was a gag news posting. This is the type of shiet that one might joke about happening.

    Perhaps this type of extreme action may help slap a few people awake to see how silly it's getting.
  8. Orchid_Suspiria
    Ah the risks swim took in school and with far more than caffeine gum.Vodka mixed with grapejuice in the bottle,lsd,lorazepam,alprazolam,weed swim is very lucky he wasn't expelled but atleast swim would have been expelled with somewhat sensible reason.

    This is just getting out of hand and swim doesn't just mean with "drug"related things.Swim knew someone that was expelled for having a tiny toy laser gun on a keychain that no one could ever mistake for a real weapon,another time a girl was suspended for having a tiny,blunt pair of scissors.There were cases in which kids were expelled for baby aspirin,pepto bismol,and other ridiculous things swim can't recall.This is just wrong that American society is so obsessed with it's ridiculous war on drugs that it is willing to possibley ruin or atleast damage for awhile a young persons life over baby aspirin!
  9. lulz
    The kids in that school will probably grow up to be caffeine junkies.

  10. Orchid_Suspiria
    It seems like most of western society is caffeine addicts for better or for worse.Swim personally doesn't care for caffeine.The only beverage with it swim really likes is tea.Swim prefers the healthier teas with ginseng in them instead of caffeine anyways.

    Back to our topic swim is very angry at the way children in our school systems are being fed lies by uncaring staff and stripped of their Constitutional Rights,receiving ridiculous amounts of punishment for minor and meaningless things.Something is just wrong and as much as swim wants things to change for the better it seems like they never will:(
  11. lulz
    American society? Hell yes!

    About 9 out of 10 Americans consume caffeine every day:

    Big deal? Maybe:

    The Roman Empire crashed, at least in part, because the aristocracy drank water that was infused with lead from their plumbing systems. Personally I suspect a similar thing is happening in America today with caffeine.
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