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  1. torachi
    Two young students at the University of L'Aquila, originating in Rieti, were arrested on charges of possession for the purpose of drug dealing by the staff of the Section of the Police Drug Squad of Aquila, in collaboration with the staff of Squad of Police of Rieti.

    The two young men in their home in L'Aquila had organized the production of drugs. The agents found a total of about 330 grams of standard substance marijuana, another 11 grams of standard substance cannabis and 20 grams of hashish type.

    In addition, they found 20 marijuana plants of various sizes, and likely another plant of the type hallucinogens peyote cactus.

    The young people in the apartment carried a professional greenhouse complete with fan and air vent but they had also set up another facility in the traditional way using a linen cabinet with dark metal frames, lined with aluminum foil, adding to the property lamps, fans and timers.

    All this was accompanied by products to facilitate rooting and fertilizers to ensure the growth of plants. The two young men were stopped in the service of prevention, in a car were found in possession of marijuana, hashish and cannabis seeds.

    After the formalities, on the orders of Deputy Prosecutor of the Republic Mancini, the two were associated with the home district of Avezzano (L'Aquila).



  1. kailey_elise
    I'm with you, torachi - what the hell do they mean by "standard marijuana" & "standard cannabis" - they aren't the same thing????

    Very confusing. Anyone familiar with Italian laws who can sort this out?

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