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  1. torachi
    An apartment in Linköping served as an incubator for drug manufacture. The policemen who stormed the apartment found cannabis, mushrooms and cacti that contain drugs.

    It was 5 March 2008, when police raided the apartment after suspicions that the landlord was using illicit drugs. The raid proved to be far more revealing than that.

    "The police exceeded expectations by a wide margin," said prosecutor Helene Gestrin.

    In addition to a major cannabis cultivation, the policemen found narcotic mushrooms and cacti. In the apartment was also poppy capsules - which can be used to produce morphine - and the remnants of cocaine - made from coca leaves.

    The raid led to a student, who is now 25 years old, and his girlfriend for some time in detention for narcotics offenses. In the first interrogation, the woman (who has since been cleared of all suspicions) said that her boyfriend had pulled up about 7,000 per month by selling cannabis. 25-year-old, who on Tuesday was charged with drug offenses, denies that he would have sold the drug and claims that he cultivated for his own use.

    "I can not prove that he has sold cannabis," said the prosecutor.

    Took own photos

    According to Helene Gestrin, the 25-year-old at various times have grown just over 1.6 kilos of cannabis. He was also making hash oil in his laboratory. The 25-year-old made the mistake of shooting their crops - and the pictures are now being used against him as evidence.

    That it took so long before indictment was due partly to SKL needed time to analyze the many seized the plant parts.



  1. Herbal Healer 019
    Sadly this will probably bring heat onto coca leaves:mad:

    Thank god this is not a case in the US, which SWIM initially assumed
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