Students using audio download as new 'high'

By Euphoric · Oct 23, 2007 · ·
  1. Euphoric

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  1. xctico
    i-doser torrent + google

  2. MADali
    Hehe, SWIM tried this. He put on his headphone, the track is 60 minutes, and its just the same sound bite. While he was listening to it, he was surfing on the net. He was kind of relaxed (doubt it was any specific effect, just listening to anything for a long time will probably make you relaxed), but then suddenly the headphone malfunctioned for no reason, and a loud SSSHHHHHHH started playing, and SWIM freaked out and pulled off his headphones.

    His heart was pounding like crazy!
  3. Zaprenz
    That must have been the methamphetamine/adrenaline one! :laugh: [or not]

    Agreed SWIM hasn't listended to them all but the site looks very borderline scam-ish.
    • Music alterating you mood !? Who would have thought!
    • Binaural = Stereo
    • Good old placebo effect
    • How much do you have to pay??
  4. podge
    I see a new thread emerging - audio bad trips.......
  5. Joe Duffy
    How long till we hear about the first audio overdose?
  6. xctico
    Q tried the peyote, marijuana, heroin, and black sunrise... the only one that had some effect was the peyote [of course it was NOTHING even close to what's advertised - basically a 100% true peyotl experience... they even warn unexperience trippers to stay away from this one] it was relaxing, gave a sense of appreciation of the moment... lazyness and lack of interest for self... interesting, even fun, but certainly not honest advertisement....

    btw... Q got it off a torrent site at a great price... 0.
  7. augentier
    This is hilarious..

    My little brother, who has never done a drug in his life, listened to the ecstasy one and said that he saw a bookcase bend (like walls "breathing")..I'd try it but I was told the tracks are like 30 min long??
  8. Panthers007
    Oh yeah. And Jazz music leads to marijuana addiction. Negro music! Egads! And Hitler outlawed Swing and threw the "Swing Kids" into Dachau concentration camp. Same story. Why am I not surprised this came out out of Iowa?

    This sort of garbage happens all the time. In Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA) the young folk suggested setting up musical instruments in front of City Hall for anyone to play to make people feel good. It was overwhemlingly embraced and resides there to this day.
  9. Senor Gribson
    "binaural beats" use the effect of 2 different frequencies played at once resulting in a beat frequency which is the difference of both frequencies. this is used to allow us to 'hear' sounds below our hearing range. when each frequency is played into a different ear, this supposedly can force brainwaves towards the beat frequency.

    these binaural beat tracks have been around for a long time, and are often added to relaxation tapes and trance songs. as far as i know, they don't work at all but if anyone is interested, look up brainwave generator on google. it's not worth buying, but the demo is kinda fun to play around with.
  10. Mint boi
    Videodrome... similarities anyone?
    they're gonna take over the world with music
  11. allyourbase
    in the terms of the music production world I believe "use the effect of 2 different frequencies played at once resulting in a beat frequency" would be called a square wave....biaural is just another way of saying "stereo"....remember that old record RCA used to give you with its turn table stereo boxes? "what is the best way to explain RCA stereophonic sound...." these guys seem to be marketed on a different explanation of the same principle. throw in some scientific voodoo (IT GETS YOU HIGH DOOD!) and they try to charge 17 dollars a "dose". de omnibus dubitandum, perhaps this more than other things.
  12. MrG
    Hehehe, what a load of crap!

    Personally I blame the damn hippies. So you get comfy, lay back and breath slowly and relaaaaaaaaax. Do this for 30/60mins whilst listening to this audio-narcotic and, hey fucking presto, bish bash bosh, you take the headphones off and feel . . . . chilled out!

    Brilliant, lets sell it to the Japs, they'll make it way more efficient and be able to sell it back to us for a tenth of the price, only inside the CD case will be a little pill that says "eat me".
  13. Panthers007
    Don't forrget the bottle of head-cleaner marked: "Drink Me."
  14. Senor Gribson
    no, a square wave is simply a normal wave consisting of only constant + and - peaks. on an oscilloscope it looks like:
    _ _ _ _ _ _
    |_| |_| |_| |_| |_|

    but beat frequencies are the result of 2 sine waves superimposed over each other. sometimes this can result in a square wave, but not always.

    this diagram explains superposition pretty well, i think.
    and here's an example of a beat frequency:

    when played normally, it sounds kind of like a 'flanger' effect applied to a droning frequency. what binaural beats do is use stereo sound to play each frequency in a different ear, allowing your brain to combine the frequencies and produce the beat rather than have the waves physically blend together.
  15. Senor Gribson
  16. FuBai
    As with a lot of these things we don't know how much is placebo and whether it has any more relaxing/intoxicating effects that normal music does. I know that by playing certain songs I can get my blood pumping, for instance the Foo Fighters with Pretender is good for that, but equally I can relax my self with something like Itchycoo Park by Small Faces. I would want to see a couple of double blind placebo studies with a sample size of at least 100 each before I would be ready to give too much credence to the claims.
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