Study: Dextromethorphan Does Not Enhance Morphine Effects

By Each Hit · May 10, 2007 · ·
  1. Each Hit
    not sure if this belongs here or the dxm area, but it's a news article, so it's going here :)

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  1. fnord
    Patients in the combination treatment arm had average pain scores of 12.6 compared with 15.8 for patients receiving morphine plus placebo. However, this reduction was not statistically significant, Dudgeon and colleagues report.

    Dextromethorphan plus morphine also resulted in a reduction in the number of episodes of pain breakthrough requiring additional medication, in nine instances compared with eleven for morphine plus placebo. However, these differences were also not statistically significant.

    The total morphine consumed was 550.9 milligrams in the treatment group compared with 597.1 in the placebo group, which also was not a significant difference.

    hmmm im no sciantist but i see a diffrence...
  2. Each Hit
    i noticed those things also. the term "statistically insignificant" simply means the effect and/or sample size was not large enough to make a definitive conclusion (though it would be nice if they cited what error values constitute statistical significance in their experiment). it does appear a slight change is evident, but these people have to have conclusive evidence to make definitive and legitimate scientific claims. with a sample size of 65, only very significant effects would be considered valid.

    then again, maybe they were told by higher ups to keep dxm's opiate qualities low key...
  3. hoodabudda
    while on 770mg of dxm swim stubbed his toe on the door frame and he knew it was supposed to hurt but he felt only a swelling pressure and warmness in his toe.the next morning swim was almost limping and couldnt walk anywhere because after he walked his toe would start to kill.swim has also had a sore upper body from working out alot and he did dxm(probably around 400mg SDK) and remembers no more soreness in his muscles.considering it works on the same receptors as pcp,which is a vetranary anesthetic,it does have some analgesic propertys..
  4. fnord
    yes it does have pain kiling propertys but this report is about low doses and how they effect the pin reliveing aspects of morphine,the report says dxm dosent help ouyt with morphine,but i think the doctors are biased and are ignoreing the facts,the stats clearly show that with small amounts of dxm doses of morphine can be lowerd slightly,and that patiants complain of less pain.swim would like to know who sponserd this study.might give more insight.
  5. darawk
    I don't know about these people, but DXM is a very good potentiator of opiates for SWIM.
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