Study: Illegal sales up for prescription drugs sold illegally on line

By Abrad · Jun 19, 2006 · ·
  1. Abrad
    A study says illegal online sales are up for prescription drugs.
    The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse says more Web sites are popping up, offering prescription medicines like OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax and Ritalin.

    Center chairman Joseph Califano says the government needs to tighten laws that regulate Internet sales of controlled drugs. He says the online market has become a "candy store" for drugs.

    The center has checked Web sites for one week every year over the past three years. The study being released today has more sites offering drugs without prescriptions. The number has been increasing since the annual review began three years ago.

    Califano says nine out of ten sites selling controlled drugs over the Internet don't require a prescription.

    The Drug Enforcement Agency is making arrests. D-E-A agent Steve Robertson says a Dallas-Fort Worth operation was recently shut down because it was based on a phony doctor. But Robertson says there are legitimate businesses on line that obey the rules.

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  1. RunRedFox
    the 3 types of websites this article is most likely reffering too are;

    NROP = No records operating pharmacy....basically a thing of the past...most that you see now are scams.
    ROP = Record operating fax your medical records in and 1 phone consultation later swiy has a script with 3 refills.
    IOP = International operating pharmacy. No records, can more or less order whatever without a script.

    buying pharmaceuticals online without a script is illegal however. this information is purely to shed more insight on this article
  2. Nagognog2
    And you can bet the DEA/FBI are drooling over the sting-operations they can and will be conducting. A lots of people get arrested when their package arrives rattling with Vicodin tablets from India, etc. It just doesn't make the news unless it' s a deserving prick like Rush Limbaugh (I hope, I hope, I hope!!!).

    Best advice: Don't do it.
  3. Powder_Reality
    Are most/all of these arrests occuring in the United States? I don't think I've ever heard of any arrests for ordering pharmaceuticals online in Canada, Europe, or any other parts of the world. Although I guess a lot of the other countries are the one's that everybody's ordering from. :p
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