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Study Results Extremely Positive For New Health Essist Hangover-Free Patch Product

By robin_himself, Jun 30, 2006 | |
  1. robin_himself
    WayPoint Biomedical's Clinical Study Results Extremely Positive For New Health Essist Hangover-Free Patch(TM) Product

    WayPoint Biomedical, Inc. (Pink Sheets: WYPH), has received extremely promising results from a recently completed clinical study to ascertain the effectiveness of their, soon to be introduced, over-the-counter, Health-Essist Hangover-Free Patch(TM) product for relieving the effects of alcohol consumption.

    The study concluded that 83% of the subjects who tested WayPoint's Hangover-Free product reported an improvement in their condition the morning after consumption of alcohol, while only 12% of the subjects who wore the placebo reported minimal improvement in their condition the following day. The most frequent Hangover-Free Patch benefits reported by subjects were the "loss of headache" and "less dry mouth effect," suggesting that the dehydrating effects of alcohol were being mitigated by the transdermally delivered product.

    Completed by UK based Scientific Services Derby (SSD), the independent blind study was conducted over a six week period using subjects who routinely consumed a significant quantity of alcohol. The study group individuals were represented by at least three of the five acknowledged alcohol biotypes. Prior to the testing, each subject completed SSD's proprietary alcohol biotype questionnaire. They were then given randomly labeled placebo and non-placebo patches to apply to their upper arm during routine weekend drinking. The instructions were to apply the patch prior to drinking their usual alcoholic beverage(s) of choice and record their findings as soon as possible the morning after.

    Study scientist, Jim Campbell, comments, "The results of this pilot study were encouraging considering the fact that the team administering this trial had anticipated a strong placebo effect from using the patches. A positive placebo response of 12% is very acceptable considering the high value of benefits reported." Campbell further adds, "The positive responses were similar to anecdotal evidence for these products from those involved in manufacture and supply, and are encouraging. Transdermal delivery systems have expanded considerably in the last few years and may ultimately become a preferred method for time-release products, such as nutrients, hormones and preventive medication, especially for the elderly."



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