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Study Says Cannabis May Help Reverse Dementia From Alzheimers

  1. Mick Mouse
    Study Says Cannabis May Help Reverse Dementia From Alzheimer’s

    Posted by JacobSloan on February 14, 2013 on Disinfo.com


    Toke up for the sake of your brain? The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

    A team from Neuroscience Research Australia is in the early stages of research examining if one of the main active ingredients in cannabis, called cannabidiol, could reverse some of the symptoms of memory loss in animals.

    Tim Karl, a senior research fellow with the group, said cannabidiol has been found to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other effects that could be beneficial for the brain.

    His study involved injecting cannabidiol into mice that had symptoms similiar to those seen in Alzheimer’s, as well as examining what would happen to brain cells treated with the drug. Dr Karl found that when the mice were given the cannabidiol they showed drastic improvement on parts of the tests that were related to recognising and remembering objects and other mice: “You could say it cured them.”

    There had been case reports in medical literature of marijuana smokers who had developed Alzheimer’s disease, only to find their smoking seemed to relieve some of their symptoms.


  1. Shanthi
    Holy cow, this is the best news Ive heard in a while! I hope doctor Karl is right on mark and I hope it works on humans just the way it works on mice. Lets atleast have legal weed once old:)

    But thats funny coz I cant remember what I was saying halfway through my sentence, cant remember names or dates or to-do list items despite writing and reading them several times over and I was not like this before i started smoking up. So waht does weed really do - help you forget what you want to forget and remember what you want to? Thats my drug;-)
  2. Mick Mouse
    What were we talking about again? lol!
  3. Shanthi
    Toxins, you are not going to believe this - My job involves conducting a lot of workshops and training programmes on a variety of subjects from leadership to insurance and my favourite (or most frequently used) line is, 'What were we talking about again?'

    In my head Ive made a huge link between a well-known fable and a time management technique but after finishing the story in pompous style I cant remember what the bloody link was!@#! Its so frustrating sometimes. I guess I must just smoke some more;-)
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