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  1. Diverboone
    Student Drug Testing and Positive School Climates:
    Testing the Relation Between Two School Characteristics
    and Drug Use Behavior in a Longitudinal Study

    Fostering positive school climates and student
    drug testing have been separately proposed as strategies to reduce student
    drug use in high schools. To assess the promise of these strategies,
    the present research examined whether positive school climates and/
    or student drug testing successfully predicted changes in youth substance
    use over a 1-year follow-up. Method: Two waves of panel data
    from a sample of 361 high school students, assessed 1 year apart, were
    analyzed. Changes in reported initiation and escalation in frequency of
    alcohol, cigarette, and marijuana use as a function of perceived student
    drug testing and positive school climates were analyzed, while we held
    constant prior substance use. Results: Perceived student drug testing was
    not associated with changes in substance use, whereas perceived positive
    school climates were associated with a reduction in cigarette and marijuana
    initiation and a reduction in escalation of frequency of cigarette
    use at 1-year follow-up. However, perceived positive school climates
    were not associated with a reduction in alcohol use. Conclusions: Student
    drug testing appears to be less associated with substance use than
    positive school climates. Nevertheless, even favorable school climates
    may not be able to influence the use of alcohol, which appears to be quite
    normative in this age group.

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