Suboxone Journal #6 ( New York State Hoops better JUMP )

By AltrdPercption · Sep 19, 2014 · ·
  1. AltrdPercption
    Am still doing well this time around with suboxone , even with all the hoops they are making me jump through.

    My doctor normally gives me a basic urine drug test at his office , my most recent visit I did not have to take one as I was told New York State was requiring suboxone patients to take a different kind of urine drug test. A few months ago I was told that my drug test was going to start costing me $150.00 per visit. Im not sure if this new requirement by new york state will be what implements this $150.00 charge per drug test or not. None the less im not happy about it.

    Ive also had MAJOR problems with my pharmacy the last two months. It seems there is somewhat of a shortage of Suboxone in my area as of late. I went too four different CVS pharmacies before I was able to find one that had 60 8-2 Suboxone strips in stock. This has never happened to me in the past , however on one occasion I was only able to fill half the script until the next day. The pharmacists I spoke with weren't even sure when they would have more of the Sub Films in stock or they just straight up lied to me.

    On another note , this weekend I am going out of town so I needed to pick up my script one day early , I spoke with a pharmacist at the third CVS I went to - she was nice enough and called the other CVS' for me to see if any had them in stock. I was then told the CVS all the way across town had them in stock and would have no problem giving me the script one day early. After getting there , dropping off the script and being told to wait the 20 mins they then tell me they will not give it to me one day early as its at the pharmacists discretion when and if they will give early. So I proceeded to ask if I could pick it up first thing the following morning on my way out of town and was told it wasnt a problem.

    When I got there today , it wasnt ready. 30 mins later , it is ready but they are trying to charge me for it when I use a $50 off copay card. So they then search their folders for my copay card , after another 20 mins they find it and proceed to tell me they have to resubmit it into their computers and will text me when its ready. 90 mins later after not receiving any text I call to see if its ready and sure enough it is.

    So thanks to CVS I was several hours behind schedule quarter tank of gas wasted on back and forth trips and they made me feel like I was still in active addiction searching out a fix.

    I will no longer be supporting CVS in any way shape or form there is a small mom and pop pharmacy that can fill all of my scripts and they will treat me with the respect a paying customer deserves.

    I find it absolutely horrible the way these pharmacists treat suboxone patients , and when I return will be filing complaints against them for what little good that will do.

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  1. Cwb20022
    Yeah mom and pop pharmacys the way to go. I go to my local one. And have never had problems. They'll special order specifically for my moms medication. And they always have it. I know the pharmacist by name.

    There much better at dealing with doctors and insurance companies to. There's been times where i didn't have money to get my script. And the pharmacy actually gave me some in Faith i would pay on payday. When Medicare was paying for my script. And it required prior authorization. They would give me a half script. Its just a good relationship.

    Im in Pennsylvania and haven't heard anything about a different drug test. So i hope that's just a new York thing. What kind of test is it? Thankfully i only have to see my doctor every 3 months now. He's actually been really cool and helpful to me to.well i hope you find a good pharmacy. I highly recommend a small local one. They tend to have better customer service. At least for me they do. Good luck. Peace.
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