Suboxone Journal Entry #3

By AltrdPercption · Feb 19, 2013 · ·
  1. AltrdPercption
    Well , I saw my doctor yesterday everything went well. I decided too stay with the 16mg he originally gave me.

    So far I am not having any problems with the suboxone. I have been feeling well for the most part other than depression/anxiety.

    However , I am having a major problem sleeping. At night I can either not fall asleep or cannot stay asleep. In the last 48 hours I literally have abour 5 hours of sleep. I had to stay home from work today as I operate heavy machinery and cannot do so while I am this tired. I am not even sure how I am able too type this as im almost nodding out I am so tired.

    I have tried taking melatonin and valerian root and they do not appear to be doing anything for me. I didn't bring this subject up with my doctor because I really do not want too take anything that he could/would give me. However, it is getting too the point where it is effecting other areas of my life and cannot continue like this.

    Does anyone have any input/advice?

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  1. derpahderp

    What other options have you read so far? I'd look up some of sfa sleep tips, d-f members portion might also have info for their own remedies. There is another person trying both of what you're taking. I'm unsure how well it's working just yet. Melatonin works for me, if I exercise late afternoon and then head to bed.

    -I do understand your ills are different from insomnia though.. So my effects could differ.

    Note: there are also (tea: sleep:trdofbein)As a reference* for natural sleep methods involving tea leaves. That's helped as well. Let us know how ya doing man.

    Take care-
  2. AltrdPercption
    Thanks for your comment , it is much appreciated.

    Last night after being up for almost 48+ hours straight I got a good nights sleep , without the use of anything.

    Tonight I will try the melatonin and Valerian root again as well and will keep this blog/comments updated.

    Cheers, :vibes:
  3. derpahderp
    meh, I wouldnt take it personal if no one comments. Sometimes it's just they into their own thing or it's difficult to come up with words (shrugs). Point being, you're not alone and people are here. bro

    The melatonin and valerian root btw.. that takes a bit for your body to adjust.. others are having a hard time and that method might not bring solutions, but it's worth trying :) Least you'll have the option once your sleep patterns return to normal.

    night man
  4. AltrdPercption
    I do not take it personally if no one else comments , not at all.

    I do not write these blogs for the comments , just for others too read and hopefully gain some insight / knowledge.

    The melatonin and valerian root have been helping me a lot , the melatonin gives me some intense dreams every now and then and I only take 15mgs of that at the most. Nothing really bad tho yet.

    Past times I have gotten clean I have had horrible using dreams , where I would wake up right after injecting in the dream and I would be drenched with sweat and could taste the dope in my mouth , that was really hard too deal with as I would awake from a dead sleep with only heroin on my mind.
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