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  1. AltrdPercption
    Well today was my third appointment with my doctor. So far everything continues to go well. I am still taking between 25-50% of my daily dose , sometimes more if needed.

    With my past suboxone doctors , (two different doctors) I tried too get off the suboxone by myself , with the doctors thinking I was still taking it. This time I am going too stay on it for as long as the doctor thinks I should. I am not taking the full 16 mgs he has prescribed, but feel that is just way too much and would be wasting a lot of suboxone.

    My dreams have begun too return too normal , possibly due too tolerance developing with the Melatonin? At the end of this week I will stop taking the Melatonin , and continue too take the Valerian root for one more week. Then I will stop taking the Valerian root as well.

    Am keeping this entry somewhat short as it is a little after midnight and have too wake up in a few hours for work , the last thing I would like too mention is about cravings.

    Cravings , this was a topic my doctors discussed with me a little bit today. Although I am not craving heroin or other opiates I constantly find myself wanting too smoke some pot, mostly after work or at night time. The craving is not really intense at all and I can easily put it out of my mind , just seems to be something I think about at least once a day. Also , I live with a pot smoker , so im sure by them smoking it is making me want too partake a little more. I keep telling myself that it is just temporary and am trying too think of it as a tolerance break which seems to be helping a little.


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