substance or personality?

By VincentVan · Feb 28, 2008 · ·
  1. VincentVan
    In some of my posts , in more than one thread (for exemple the one on "the most addictive drug"), I have been arguing that all substances (or no one) should be considered addictive, because different persons would get addicted to different substances, some persons to many substances and some persons to no drug at all.
    Now the results of some scientific research seems to confirm this thesis.
    Here is the link

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  1. bloot
    I, myself believe in this as well. I have always tried to explain to people why I feel this way but it is still put in peoples head that it is the drug and not the user. Good article!
  2. Metomni
    Though SWIM agrees with SWIY's thesis, these findings don't appear to be very generalizeable for other drugs. The results are positive, but they need to be elaborated upon before major inferences can be taken.

    In other words, this thesis needs to be tested with other "addictive" drugs, and also with drugs typically not seen as addictive such as psychedelics. Also, a few drugs in particular would seem to be of interest for this thesis.

    Ketamine, for example, is pretty much the only (at least that SWIM knows of) "addictive" psychedelic. An anomoly like that is usually worth looking into.
  3. saorsa.elegy
    I like this article too! I have a bunny that was addicted to coke alchohol and xanax. That was a real bitch!
    Anyway this bunny could do some other things and not have a problem. It would be great if someone could do some research and write an article??!!
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