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Substitute teacher under investigation after giving pills to students.

  1. detoxin momma
    ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - A Riverview Gardens substitute teacher is under investigation. He is accused of giving dozens of pills to students. The pills are believed to be a papaya enzyme.

    The experts at the Missouri Poison Center at SSM Cardinal Glennon say the pills could react to medications. A child could also be allergic to the enzyme. That could make the student sick.

    The incident happened Friday at West View Middle School in the Riverview Gardens School District Friday. A brand new substitute teacher gave as many as 30 students 4 pills each. They are apparently a known stool softener. People in the administration say the teacher's actions were against school policy.

    Dwayne Dove's sixth grade son was given the pills. He is upset and worried so Dove went to the school district to find out why this happened.

    "What were they thinking what were the reasoning behind this and what type of action will be taken against the teacher," said Dwayne Dove Sr.

    All of his questions didn't get answers but he says the school district will re-enforce policies with educators and let students know they have the right to decline a teacher's offer of pills. The teacher has been removed from the list of substitute teachers.

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    Feb 27, 2017,


  1. detoxin momma
    i know it isnt a very good story, i just need practice....all we have on the news lately is tornadoes.
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    2. Jake.
      Great work DTM! I enjoyed reading :)
    3. AKA_freckles
      Thanks mama
    4. mess clean
      Yeah, this story is completely pertinent.

      I'd just like to know why the sub teacher was handing out stool softeners...did he think his students were all on opioids and were backed up? Maybe they were just bored...
  2. aemetha
    You just need to fill out all the original source fields. Fill all of them out and it will create a nicely formatted original source link. In this case the original author is "Roche Madden", the original article date is 27 February 2017 (select from the calendar popup), the original article title (repeat it here even if you used the same title) is "Substitute teacher under investigation after giving pills to students", the source name is "KPLR" and the source url is http://kplr11.com/2017/02/27/substitute-teacher-under-investigation-after-giving-pills-to-students/

    With the image, if you want to include it in the article use the "Full Image" button to insert it and then put float code [FLOAT_LEFT]Image[FLOAT_LEFT] or [FLOAT_RIGHT]Image[/FLOAT_RIGHT] around it to have it sit either on the right side or left side of your text. Put the image and float code in before the text you want it to sit next to, and begin (or continue if you're putting the image further down the article) the article text right after the code without any spaces or line breaks.
  3. Healer
    They say his actions were against school policy. Its against rationality to give your students fucking pills.

    They say they're re-doing policy so students know they have the right to decline their teachers offer of drugs. That's funny as fuck because it makes it sound like teachers are constantly handing out pills. It's okay you don't have to take them but you can if you want. How about they fire this dipshit and and tell the teachers they cant share anything might it be tobacco or food with students. Obviously you have to be pretty stupid to think its okay to give out any pills to anybody when you're a teacher.
  4. gonzochef
    I'd like to hear more about the teacher's rational. Was this a science class? A botanicals class? I remember my science teacher used to teach about home remedies, and often had samples of safe botanicals. You could always go to him with a cut or a burn for some fresh aloe, for example. And he had a botanical garden on school property with all kinds of remedies for hayfever, stomach ache, and sleep troubles (like chamomile and valerian root). Was this the teacher's intent?
    Regardless, handing out pills or medication to students should be seen as morally wrong by anyone, but a learned and well intentioned teacher might be forgiven for such action. Were the stool softeners harmful in any way? My school nurse handed out aspirin and tylenol and ibuprophen like it was candy. Those can be far more harmful...
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